Safety and Responsibility Standards

Safety and Social Responsibility Standards

Thank you for your interest and very thoughtful concern about the safety and responsibility standards we use when selecting products for bynature.ca. As a small, family owned and operated business, the community we are creating, the practices we are advocating and the world we leave behind for our children and their families matter.

Our preference for where a product is manufactured is local first, Canadian-made second and USA-made third. We source outside of these areas when necessary, and for both the local and foreign companies we work with, it is important to us that they meet certain standards of work ethics and responsibility. We discuss a variety of issues with every manufacturer and supplier to ensure they are a good fit for our store.



When talking with suppliers about Safety & Social Responsibility Standards, what do we consider?

  • Sustainable development practices
  • Organizational governance
  • Human rights & labor practices
  • Fair operating practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Community involvement and development
  • ISO certification and compliance in factories overseas
  • Environmental stewardship & responsible sourcing
  • Third party safety & toxicity testing meeting not only Canadian, but also European, US & international safety standards
  • And finally, is this product likely to help create a positive relationship within families, strengthen bonds and keep children healthy?


In our years of experience the old adage "You get what you pay for" really does hold true. In purchasing one of our quality, carefully selected products, it may appear to cost more than others on the market but please consider where your additional money goes. Your neighbours, local businesses, public schools, community services, health care, help for those less fortunate ... family. A less expensive product manufactured to cut corners, exploit workers, damage the environment, impact our communities and sacrifice safety is much more costly to us all in the long run.

We are very proud of the fact that the majority of our brands are manufactured in North America. It is, however, sometimes necessary to source products manufactured overseas when alternatives are not available due to limited market skills or an unattainable fair market price in North America. When we do choose to carry a brand that uses offshore manufacturing, rest assured, we have taken numerous issues into consideration.

We're pleased to work with many companies that have very high social responsibility standards. We regularly speak with, and often times meet directly with, the heads of manufacturing to ensure their standards meet our standards. It's our desire to learn how they manage their workers, what type of pay and incentives they offer, how they ensure their standards are being met, that their products are third party tested and we ask to see copies of these testing and certification papers. In particular we ensure regular testing for lead, phthalates, and cadmium are performed on all baby and children's products frequently.

We revisit this process a few times a year because often times a manufacturer will make changes without notifying their retailers. So while this is a lengthy process and requires a fair amount of time and money on our part, it is the least we can offer the customers that choose and trust our store.

If you have any particular concerns about a specific product or brand please don't hesitate to contact them directly. It's important that the manufacturer's we work with understand the importance of safety and social responsibility to our customers. It's very difficult today to keep manufacturing in North America due to the incredible pressure to make something faster and cheaper and the companies that keep manufacturing in North America struggle with this issue daily.

As a conscientious shopper you have the opportunity to make choices and to answer the question, how can you leave the world a slightly better place, every single day? We work with some amazing companies that are very committed to the safety of their products and put people before profits in the decisions they make. We choose companies that have proven their integrity by monitoring the production of their products carefully and fully back the quality and safety of each one. If you are specifically interested in products Made in Canada we do have numerous options. Please consider supporting these brands, and showing them that locally made matters!

We thank you for shopping with us. It's because of careful shoppers like you that we are able to continue the work we do every day. We appreciate the time you take when choosing which store and products to support, and your money really does go further when you choose wisely.

Tamara Champion
 Founder, CEO and mom of 2