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Moby Wrap Baby Wraps

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Moby Wrap Baby Wraps

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Product Review (submitted on July 5, 2010):

I bought myself one of these wraps for my third baby and love it. I especially liked it when he was a newborn because he snuggled into it really well and I didn't have to worry about his head flopping around. Every time we went for a walk he would just fall asleep. Now that he's a little older I wrap him facing out (which uses the same wrapping technique) and he really likes that too. The Moby Wrap really spreads the weight across the shoulders and back so it's pretty easy on your body.

All the Moby Wrap comes with is an instruction booklet so I found it a little confusing to figure out, but once I had the main wrap technique down that's all I needed to learn. I also don't like how much fabric it is, I'm not a very big person so it wraps and wraps around me, plus if I try to put it on outside the ends always drag on the ground.

Overall though I do really like the Moby wrap, it is the most comfortable wrap by far.

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