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bumGenius Cotton Flannel Baby Wipes (12pk)

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bumGenius Cotton Flannel Baby Wipes (12pk)

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Product Review (submitted on July 4, 2010):

I started out using regular disposable wipes when we first had our daughter but she would get horrible diaper rash from them. We than switched to cotton balls and water which helped the diaper rash but didn't help having a really stinky garbage. Since we are using cloth diapers & liners the cotton balls were the only thing we were throwing away. We than got these flannel baby wipes and now have a smell free garbage! They are easy to use and care for because we just throw them in the insert/liner bucket to be washed with everything else. The only thing is that they kind of dry a bit stiff when line dried which is to be expected. Since we put them in water to use as a wipe this doesn't matter too much, they soften once wet.

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