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Moby Wrap Baby Wraps

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Moby Wrap Baby Wraps

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Product Review (submitted on July 2, 2010):

I bought the Moby Wrap for my second child and could not have been happier. My daughter loved being carried in the Moby Wrap, and she happily took her naps in it as well. My baby was a bit colicky, and being wrapped up close to me calmed her. Most significant for me, perhaps, was the fact that I could nurse her in it while sitting or even while walking. This is especially helpful when you have another child to look after. When my daughter was small (under three months), I opted for the Moby Wrap over a number of other carriers I had, including the baby bjorn, the Ergo, and the Hotsling. By the time she got to be about three or four months, I found that my back began to hurt if I carried her for too long, and I switched to the Ergo carrier. It is possible to use the Moby Wrap for bigger children by strapping them to your back, but this always seemed a little cumbersome to me.

The Moby Wrap does take a little time to get used to, but I found that after a couple of weeks, I could put it on very quickly. Generally, I think that there are few better carrying options for an infant.

A message from the family:

For safety reasons, we do not recommend using a stretchy wrap carrier for back-carrying.

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