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Mayukori Buckwheat Body Pillows

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Mayukori Buckwheat Body Pillows

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Product Review (submitted on June 27, 2013):

I wanted very much to love this pillow. I've owned various types of buckwheat pillows over the years and have never had any issues adjusting to them. One of the main problems with this pillow is that it doesn't have enough filling. When I try sleeping with it, the parts that I put between my knees empty out rather quickly and I end up with my knees touching and my hips aching all night. Furthermore, because of its shape and lack of filling it's a very clumsy pillow. Trying to readjust it while already lying in bed is next to impossible. I've tried for several weeks and I just cannot get get comfortable with this pillow. Maybe filling it up with more buckwheat could help but I'm not sure. I can't comment on this pillow for nursing or for positioning baby for napping as I have not tried that yet.

A message from the Parenting By Nature family: One of the advantages of this pillow is that you can easily change the filling for what best suits you! Some women will want less (easy to remove) and others might want a firmer pillow. For more firmness, please contact us, and we can help you get more buckwheat for your pillow. :)

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