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Super Undies Nighttime Bedwetting Pants

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Super Undies Nighttime Bedwetting Pants

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Product Review (submitted on June 17, 2013):

My family has been looking for a good night time solution for so long and we have finally found it! My son is 3 years old and completely potty trained during the day, but still wets the bed at night. He is too old for diapers and hated wearing a pull up at night - I hated him wearing them too. I looked into everything from cloth diapers (which we've never tried before) to just putting him in regular undies and changing the sheets every day - sometimes in the middle of the night as well as in the morning. I finally decided to order a pair of super undies and WE LOVE THEM! I have to admit, when they came in, I was a little skeptical, they looked huge!

A reviewer on another site said that they looked like something meant for a 10 year old, and that was exactly what I was thinking, but I was determined to try. They actually fit really well, I might even go with a bigger size next time. They look big because I'm used to regular undies which have so little material and aren't absorbent. Can't keep going with what doesn't work. We haven't had a single leak since trying these. I even went to a local store after buying them to see if there was a good alternative that I could get locally. There isn't. Even the store owner told me so. I decided to try a cloth diaper for the first time anyway because it was cheaper and it was local, but my son is definitely too big for diapers, even the cloth variety, it leaked horribly! My son absolutely loves his super undies! I love them! My husband loves them! They are well worth the cost and the time it takes to get them in the mail! These are a must have!

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