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Dabbawalla Lunch Bags

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Dabbawalla Lunch Bags

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Product Review (submitted on March 21, 2013):

We bought this for our 4 year old when he was starting JK. He is a big eater, so we needed room for 2-3 snacks, lunch, and a drink. Most things we looked at locally were just too small, or too heavy.

This is perfect. First, because it's a bag, it is more forgiving when you stuff it full of lunch. Secondly, 6 months in, it looks almost brand-new.

Most importantly, though, it is 100% washable. When we find the regular messes in his bag (containers that leaked, etc., including milk - UGH), it is a real joy to just toss the thing in the wash. It is generally dry the next day (we just hang it up), and ready to go. This removes all smells, too, which is important with our scent-sensitive kid. No fussing about wiping things down- just toss it right in with the rest of our laundry.

We were given two other lunch boxes as gifts, and neither of them come close to this one. We've used them from time to time if we forgot to wash the Monkey, but they're nowhere near as versatile.

So, it may not be the cheapest one, but man, it's durable, and thus, we think, worth its weight in gold!

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