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100% Wool Nursing Pads

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100% Wool Nursing Pads

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Product Review (submitted on July 6, 2012):

I bought these after my third baby was born. I'd read about them but could not bring myself to spend so much money on nursing pads. I also doubted my ability to properly care for wool. But after my third baby I was going through cotton ones four times a day, doubled up. I couldn't keep up with the laundry so I'd end up stuffing towels down my shirt. I guess I have a lot of letdown. I bought two pairs of wool nursing pads in the hopes I would have better protection and be able to cycle the pads without washing in between.

While it is convenient not to have to wash the pads regularly, the absorbency is disappointing. It is slow to take up so milk tends to just dribble down the pad into my bra and shirt. It I hold the pad firmly to prevent this from happening it leaks into my bra and shirt and I end up having round milk stains over my chest.

The best pads I have are from this site. They are the cotton/wool pads ( I love them as they are comfortable and have good absorbency. But I still need to change them several times a day. Either I launder them frequently or buy six pairs... One is inconvenient and the other too costly so I still don't have a good solution to this problem!

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