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Moby Wrap Baby Wraps

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Moby Wrap Baby Wraps

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Product Review (submitted on May 16, 2012):

My baby liked the Moby wrap for the first few first she seemed very comfy in there, and she has had a few great naps in it. Unfortunately, I wasn't that crazy about it! Although I'd read many reviews that said it wasn't that hard to wrap, and I watched YouTube videos showing how...I found the wrapping to be a bit of a pain. It would be impossible to do anywhere that you didn't want the 15 feet of material to touch the floor, such as a parking lot, or shopping mall. I also found that it was difficult to wear over even a tank top! It was constantly bunching up and getting out of place on my shoulders. I could wear it with just a bra, but how useful is that for walks in the park? Also try to settle a squirmy baby in it! These days, now that she is much more awake, my baby only wants to be placed in it when she is already pretty sleepy and calm. I might try it again when she's a little older and I can have her legs hang out. Honestly though, its probably not worth all the hassle for me.

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