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DivaCup, Natural Menstrual Solution

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DivaCup, Natural Menstrual Solution

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Product Review (submitted on September 10, 2011):

I hated this time of the month! But not anymore! Thanks to this little discovery. And my 16-year old daughter started using it and she has never looked back. My 14-year old is hesitant but I think she is about to give in :) Especially after a camping trip when she could not go swimming when the older sister could ;)
I never pushed it for them, just showed how it works. They really have to be very comfortable with their bodies. It does take some time to get a "hang of it", so don't give up. I'd say at least three periods. After that you'll almost look forward to this time of the month :D
I have several friends who started using it after I sent them a link about the menstrual cup. Don't hesitate, try it. And if you like it, please, don't keep it a secret! Talk to your friends, so that they can get their lives back :) Word of mouth is the best ad. Otherwise you'd think there are nothing more than pads and tampons. I truly regret that I discovered the Diva Cup so late!!!
It all sounds very much like "as seen on TV", but it's true :D

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