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Newborn Cloth Diaper Package, Prefolds

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Newborn Cloth Diaper Package, Prefolds

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Product Review (submitted on May 10, 2011):

I have a few different style prefolds in my collection. This isn't one that I like. While the covers look awesome and have a wide variety of colours and patterns they haven't fit either of my boys at any point in their diaper wearing life's, sadly. The fit seems to be for chunky legged babes.. Which mine are not!

The inserts fold up very bulky also which makes pants and pjs much too tight.

A note from Thank you for your review! Please don't hesitate to contact us for help or suggestions when using prefolds. One of the beauties of this system is how completely customizable they are. So while folding them one way may not work the best for your baby, there are many alternate methods to try. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find that perfect fold for a tinier baby. :)

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