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Aquaus Diaper Sprayer by MiniShower

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Aquaus Diaper Sprayer by MiniShower

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Product Review (submitted on May 6, 2011):

I thought this diaper spray would make my life so much easier, but I was disappointed. We hardly ever used it because it just made a big splashy mess everywhere. The spray was quite powerful, which was great for removing solids, but often water would splash up onto the toilet bowl and onto my hands etc. It just seems easier to rinse them in our basement sink. If it really was a convenience we would have used it. But we replaced our toilet and didn't bother to re-attach it. Also, my husband is a plumber and says this product causes pipe hammer...whatever that means (google it??) Haha. Best of luck!

A message from Thanks for taking the time to review the MiniShower! It may take a bit of practice aiming the shower head to effectively remove solids and not splash all over. It's all in how you angle the sprayer and how close you put it to the diaper. You might try a different position for a better result. :)

We did ask the manufacturer to reply in regards to your husbands concern about water hammer:

The Mini-Shower has been available for over 10 years and we have never had a problem with water hammer. But, it is true that when you release the button on the sprayer water hammer will occur. This is also true for kitchen sink sprayers, garden hoses, toilet flusher valves, dish washers and washing machine solenoid valves, and some faucet valves.

Most homes have a water hammer arrester built into the plumbing system. Sometimes the water hammer arrester can become water logged, which means it has filled up with water. By turning off the water to the home and draining all the water out of the pipes will empty the water hammer arrester so it will stop the water hammer effect. Also, some homes have water pipes that were not strapped to the studs correctly, which will make the pipes shake and bang when the water is turned off quickly.

Lowering the water flow pressure on the Mini-Shower will reduce the water hammer effect. As well, because the Mini-Shower sprayer is attached to the toilet tank adapter with a hose, which is then connected to the toilet tank flusher valve, which is connected to the wall valve with a flexible supply water line; the water hammer effect is reduced greatly compared to being connected directly to the plumbing system pipes.

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