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Bravado Dream Nursing Tank

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Bravado Dream Nursing Tank

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Product Review (submitted on June 30, 2010):

I can't think of a more versatile post-birth clothing item than these tanks! You can wear them under a regular shirt instead of a bra (especially helpful if you don't want to flash your post-baby belly while nursing, or to keep from getting drafty nursing in chilly weather), or alone. They're awesome to sleep in also - very comfortable with quick access for night time nursing. Having a few to wear after you give birth means you can wait until after your milk comes in to go shopping for nursing bras.

The price put me off a little at first but the quality is well worth it - I've been wearing mine for nearly two years and you'd never know it. The fabric has held up to innumerable washings and they haven't lost their shape or support.

My only complaint is that they don't have a sizing option for women who are very thin but large-breasted (what I wouldn't give for one of these in a 32 F!), or small chested but larger women. So if you're on one of these extremes you might not be able to get as ideal a fit as you like. Mine were more than worth the money despite the lack of a perfect size, though!

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