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DivaCup, Natural Menstrual Solution

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DivaCup, Natural Menstrual Solution

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Product Review (submitted on June 30, 2010):

Please forgive me if this is "too much information", but because of the topic (and item) it will be useful. I wish I had known about this years ago!! Pads, and yes even tampons are no longer in my household ( I am the only woman).

The DivaCup allows me to go longer hours before needing to refresh; great for overnight or when in public washrooms. I can pee and swim without worry and an immediate change, because nothing gets wicked/absorbed. I don't have to carry anything around with me (pads, tampons, liners) in noisy packaging and there's no garbage. There is no smell, no need to mask odours. You can even use it when you are expecting your period to start, because you don't have to worry about TSS (toxic shock syndrome). It is easy to insert, and with a little practice it will be quicker than using a tampon/pad. You don't feel it when it's in place (or if you do it's not uncomfortable). It is very sanitary, simply wash and reinsert.
Honestly, there is no way I would ever go back to using a tampon or pad. Never again do I have to rush to the store to buy more tampons/pads, or make sure I have enough tampons/pads with me when going out or travelling!! I've saved lots of money already. If you have a period, then this is the best way to deal with the flow. Easy, convenient, reusebale, discreet. My husband doesn't even know when my period starts, unless I tell him ;)

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