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Complete Cloth Diapering Kit, ORGANIC Prefolds

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Complete Cloth Diapering Kit, ORGANIC Prefolds

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Product Review (submitted on January 3, 2011):

The Bummis prefolds kits are definitely the way to start diapering your baby! We loved this package so much, and were sad when our son outgrew his (size small) prefolds and we had to box up our Bummis Kit.

Personally, I would not use prefolds on an older (squirmy and mobile) baby because they require extra time and baby cooperation that is difficult to get once your baby learns to flip over on the change table. For a newborn, though, these diapers are so cheap and easy, you are saving hundreds of dollars in the first few weeks/months.

When purchasing this kit I would say that you definitely need another Snappi - one is not enough in case you lose it. I also don't like the flushable liners because to me they feel almost like toilet paper, which I don't like touching my baby's skin. I used the microfleece reusable liners, and bought about 20 more than what is included in order to always have a fresh one.

My only complaint was that my size small kit did not fit my 9-pound newborn even though the covers were supposed to work from 8 pounds. (My kit did not come with the super brites at the time, though, so I'm not sure if those would have worked better.) I had to wait a few weeks until my baby's legs were chubby enough for the size small whisper wraps. For this reason, I am trying the "newborn" size covers for my next baby.

I am due with my next baby in a few weeks, and I've already brought out my old Bummis kit into the nursery and am ready to start prefolds again! it is exciting to know that I won't have to spend any money on diapers for my second baby, which also makes this kit that much more affordable when the cost is spread over multiple children.

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