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Bravado Dream Nursing Tank

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Bravado Dream Nursing Tank

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Product Review (submitted on January 2, 2011):

When was expecting, I went up to a 36F. It's pretty hard to find a comfortable bra that I like in a larger cup size, or at least I found that to be true.

I was over the moon excited to find this one! Finally something that fits, is really comfortable, can be worn while pregnant and it goes back to a regular size once washed so it's perfect for after baby and nursing as well.

The nursing clasps are easy to unsnap for discreet nursing and I love that it leaves my belly covered even if I lift my shirt. It is also great for a layered look and has a slimming effect after baby.

Like the above review, the price discouraged me initially but it really is worth it. It's comfortable for lounging and sleeping and has no underwire. If you have to wear a bra to bed after baby is born (I did) this is a great one.

I find that under a tee shirt, I can sometimes get an "uno-boob" look happening where instead of two distinct breasts, they're just mashed up together. I also I find that being bigger chested, that this sometimes makes for sweaty cleavage as it has your breasts all snug. {too much info?!?}

But any kind of cons are outweighed by the fact that it's comfortable and supportive!!

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