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Organic Cotton Premium Prefold Inserts

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Organic Cotton Premium Prefold Inserts

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Product Review (submitted on January 1, 2011):

We used disposable diapers in the hospital and for the first week of my son's life. Once we started using cloth prefolds, we liked them so much, I ended up donating the rest of our disposables to the church daycare. I invested in a full set of diapers when I first became pregnant, since I knew money would be tight when my Mat Leave started. Best money I ever spent.

Prefolds are easier to clean than the pocket or fitted diapers because they wash flat without any little crannies for poop to stick into.
I used the small sized pre-folds from 7lbs to 15lbs and have now moved up to the larger size, we're now pushing 30lbs.
You can re-use the diaper covers over multiple diaper changes, so you only need 4-6 covers with 20-30 prefolds, instead of buying a couple of dozen all-in-one diapers.

I agree with the previous poster that most US style baby jeans don't properly, but I've found that most European-made clothes are better cut to fit cloth bums. It has made no issue for my son's mobility or comfort, so I really look at it as an non-issue.

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