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Beco Baby Carrier, Beco Butterfly II

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Beco Baby Carrier, Beco Butterfly II

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Product Review (submitted on December 15, 2010):

I love my Beco! It is very easy to use, but like ANY baby carrier, you need to figure it out and how to put it on properly. Since it is a soft-structured carrier, there are straps that need to be adjusted the first time to make sure it is fitting properly, then very little adjustment is needed. This carrier is great since you put the carrier on first, then put the baby in it, you can also turn them around onto your back very easily. In fact, this is the reason I bought this carrier over others. I didn't feel comfortable with putting my baby on my back while bending over and pulling the carrier overtop... I'm too much of a klutz for that! I didn't get this carrier until my daughter was about 5 months when she grew out of her wrap, so I can't say how it is with a very young baby, but it's been wonderful for our daughter since we got it (she's 13 months now) It is warm for the summer, but almost all carriers are...

I can still carry my 22 lb, 13 month old on my front or back for hours (well, since she's walking she doesn't really want to stay there for that long anymore!). My husband loves using it and my MIL and FIL have used it too! Until you get used to it, (a week maybe) it can take a bit of fiddling to get it comfortable, but I think that's true of any soft-structured carrier.

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