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Bummis Tote Bag

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Bummis Tote Bag

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Product Review (submitted on September 13, 2010):

I'm very disappointed by this tote. I bought the small one and don't use it much. The large one I use all the time but can't wait to get a different one. The drawstring does not close the tote to keep odours in, you'll have to twist the actual tote and tie a knot or else wherever you keep it with your diapers becomes as stinky as you can imagine. And to put a diaper in it you have to undo all the knoting and twisting. I guess if you use an actual pail with this tote you could somewhat do away with using [the drawstring] but I thought the whole concept of the drawstring was so that you could use the tote on its own. If that wasn't bad enough, after two washes I had to sew one of the seams, which came apart during washing. I also thought it was made of the same material as the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers, which I love, but they are not! They're made of some other more plastic like material, which I hate washing with my diapers. Overall, very disappointed and would never recommend purchasing this tote.

A note from the team: The Bummis Tote Bag is made of nylon and designed to allow soiled cloth diapers to "breathe" which, in many cases, helps to keep the worst of any odours down. If you prefer a wet bag that seals more completely with a zipper, please try the Bummis Fabulous wet bags. These are made with both a zipper and drawstring (size large) and the fabric is the same as the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers (PUL instead of nylon).

The stitching on these bags is incredibly strong and this is definitely something out of the ordinary. Bummis stands behind their products 100% (as do we!). If you should ever experience something like this with a new product from our store, please don't hesitate to let us know right away so we can help rectify the problem immediately.

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