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Flushable Diaper Liners (Large)

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Flushable Diaper Liners (Large)

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Product Review (submitted on July 30, 2010):

I have mixed feelings about these diaper liners. Initially I loved the idea of them - anything to help deal with yucky poops! I find cleaning up poop is usually much easier with the liner (though I suspect a diaper sprayer would be just as easy), especially when I'm out being able to easily flush it away is great.

My baby is very active so the liner doesn't always stay in place so I still have to scrape off the poop sometimes. I tried keeping the liner in place by making sure it was between her leg and the diaper but if too much of the liner was outside of the diaper she would get wet.

I find the liners also help reduce staining on the diapers. As they easily remove most of the poop, rinsing diapers is easier too.

I do like that you don't have to always flush the liners - you can reuse them. Just rinse and dry. I actually only flush them with really yucky poop or when I'm out.

I have an old septic system and haven't had any problems yet - fingers crossed! But, I am very careful not to flush too many and I always let them sit in the toilet bowl for some time before flushing.

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