Annual FALL Repeat Sale: An Eco Consignment Sale for Conscientious Parents.

We're excited to announce our 8th Annual Repeat Sale - an Eco Consignment Sale for conscientious parents. This is a great opportunity for expecting parents to try out a variety of cloth diaper styles without the larger, upfront investment. If you're already using cloth diapers, our eco consignment sale can be used to stock up on cloth diapers your for your little one.

This is highly anticipated event - the first of it's kind in the Simcoe area! With every sale it just gets more popular, and we now get customers asking "when is your next consignment sale?". We'll also have baby carriers, baby slings + nursing items available at the Sale so spread the word to your expecting friends, family + co-workers!

Friday October 21st - Saturday October 22nd 2016

Registration & Drop-Off Deadline for Sellers: Tuesday October 18th (we close at 5pm)

Repeat Sale: Friday October 21st, 10am to 5pm
Repeat Sale Discount Day: Saturday October 22nd, 10am to 5pm (select items are 20% off!)

Information for Buyers:

  • EVERYONE is welcome to come to shop during the Repeat Sale. No need to register to shop, no need to to bring anything!
  • See your used diaper and carrier purchases first hand, before committing to buying! Don't risk buying counterfeit goods online, or products that are not safety tested for choking hazards, lead, phaltates, PVC or other questionable toxins (generic made-in-China cloth diapers).
  • Attending the Repeat Sale is Free! Children are welcome, but please keep in mind it may be crowded. Please mind your children closely.
  • The sale is held in the Parenting By Nature storefront at 15 Cedar Pointe Dr UNIT #4 in Barrie, ON.
  • This is a CASH ONLY sale. Consignment sale purchases must be paid for in cash only. Other purchases made in the Parenting By Nature store during the Sale may still be paid for with Interac, Visa or Mastercard.
  • Due to space constraints, please leave all strollers, car seats + diaper bags in your car. We will not have space for these in our store, during the sale.

We hope you enjoy the sale!

Information for Sellers:

The Parenting By Nature Repeat Consignment Sale is an opportunity for families to sell their gently loved cloth diapers, baby carriers, baby slings or wraps to eco-concious families in the Simcoe area. Sellers will receive 100% of the proceeds of their sold items back in a store Gift Certificate for use at Parenting By Nature. With no expiry date on your Gift Certificate, this can be used for new cloth diapers, an upgraded baby carrier, birthday gifts, back to school gear, shower gifts, Christmas gifts + more.

What a great way to pass on your well-loved cloth diapers + get a little something for you or your family in return!

Important Details for Sellers:

  • There is a $10.00 non-refundable registration fee per consignor. Registration is required and space is LIMITED. Once register, please call or stop by the store to pay your registration fee. Your space will be held for 24 hours.
  • Let our cloth diapering + babywearing experts do the selling for you! Sellers will need to prepare items for sale (bundle, price + tag) and all items must be washed, unstained, and in good to great condition. Once you drop off your items to the store, we do all the rest!
  • Sellers will receive 100% of the proceeds of their sold items back in a Gift Certificate for use at Parenting By Nature.
  • A minimum of 10 items for sale are required to participate unless one of the items is a baby carrier. If you are registering a baby carrier, there are no further minimum requirements. If you don't have 10 items to register, consider partnering with a friend or family member to meet this minimum.
  • Registration & drop-off deadline for your items is Tuesday October 18th before 5pm. We need time to sort, organize + address any issues with products for the sale. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Saturday October 22nd is discount day.Items that remain unsold by the end of the sale on Friday may be offered at 20% off on Satuday and during the following week. You may opt out of having your items discount on this day if you wish. Instructions for this will be provided during registering your items for sale.

Consigned Items – Condition, Quality + Integrity

  • Items accepted for the Repeat Sale include cloth diapers, diaper covers, cloth diapering accessories, cloth training pants, reusable swim diapers, baby carriers, baby slings, baby wraps, and nursing accessories (pillows and bras). We will NOT be accepting basic clothing, toys, gear or furniture. There are local consignment shops that cover this market well in Simcoe County already and we hope you will consider supporting them!
  • Make sure your items are clean. This seems like a no-brainer, but do your best to remove stains, residue or detergent buildup on cloth diapers, and wash and iron any baby carriers. If your diapers are hard or crunchy, consider stripping them before selling them. Stained or poorly laundered items will not be admitted to the sale.
  • All items should be as presentable as possible. Cloth diapers must be free of tears, rips, snags, broken snaps, damaged velcro, shot elastic and stains. A good rule of thumb when consigning items is – if you would not buy it, do not sell it. While we will do our best to sell your items, items that are in poor condition will not be included in the sale.
  • The sun is a great natural whitener! Bleach can degrade fabrics quickly, and damage the integrity of your items. As well, many parents + babies will have a sensitivity to bleach. Try to avoid the use of bleach if at all possible. If you feel the need to bleach, only a small amount should be necessary, and rinse your diapers well.
  • All items must be in good to excellent condition.
  • To maintain the quality and integrity of the sale, as well as a successful cloth diapering experience for new families, we will only be accepting name brand cloth diapers. We will not accept generic Chinese-made cloth diapers such as Alva Baby, Giggle Life, Glow Bugs etc. If you have some to pass on, these can be added to our $1.00 bin and all proceeds from this bin will be donated to our Cloth Diaper Bank program. Sellers will not receive credit back for these items.
  • Baby Carriers must be ergonomically correct (no Baby Bjorns or Snuggly-type carriers) and without any defects. If you have the original instructions for your carrier, secure them together with string or package in a clear bag. Original instructions and packaging increase the value of your carrier.
  • We will also be on the lookout for counterfeit baby carriers. Preference will be given to carriers that have been purchased through Parenting By Nature as these can be easily identified as genuine. We reserve the right to hold back any carriers that may be counterfeit.
  • The Parenting By Nature team reserves the right to remove any items at our discretion. We will inspect all items for quality during the final setup.

Seller Registration

We utilize Consignment software to manage our sale. This makes it really easy for both our staff and sellers. FlashConsign will allow you to set prices for your goods, print labels + prepare your items for dropping off to our store. It will also easily and accurately track commission from the sale.

Everyone who is selling items during the Repeat Sale needs to first register. We keep your information confidential and only use it to track your items and contact you once the sale is over. Tags are coded so that no identifying information will be shared at the sale.

We use your email address as a unique identifier to make sure that your items get credited to you, so please make sure to use the same email address you registered yourself with when entering your items for sale.

REGISTER HERE (you will be required to call or stop by the store to pay the $10 non-refundable registration fee). Space is limited! >

Once you have all your items sorted, registered + tagged, just drop your items off to Parenting By Nature anytime during our business hours. We ask that you include a note with your name and email address inside the bag or box you package the items in.

Please do not package your diapers in ziploc bags! Tie bundled items together with string, yarn or ribbon. Items in bags are likely to get mixed up and lost as buyers open and browse them. Thank you!

Pricing + Tagging your Items

Each item or group of items you wish to sell must be registered, priced + tagged. This is easily done through your registration on FlashConsign.

  • Most consigned items will sell for 1/3 to 1/2 of retail price, depending on the condition of the item, and it's popularity.
  • All tags must be printed from FlashConsign.
  • Tags must be printed on white cardstock or they will too easily fall off when parents sort through items. Alternately, print your tags on plain white paper, and glue them to cardstock or cardboard to affix them to your goods.
  • All tags must be entered into the FlashConsign system and dropped off at the Parenting By Nature store by October 18th before 5pm.
  • Please include the following information on each tag:
    • Item brand name
    • Style or category of diaper (prefolds, pocket diaper, all-in-one) and/or brief description
    • Size
    • Price (must be in .50 cent increments; minimum price of $2.00 required)
    • If item is brand-new, please indicate this on the tag 
    • Donate? (indicate whether you would like to donate the item if it does not sell. A heart will appear on your tag, if you choose to donate.)
  • Consider bundling like items (ie. 6 pack of prefolds or 4 pack of inserts). If you have six or more similar diapers to sell, consider packaging them together in batches of 2-6 items. This will increase the likelihood that more of your items will sell. This is especially important for prefold diapers, which sell best in lots of 3 or 6. Tie diapers together with string or ribbon, stacked on top of each other so the insides can be inspected without taking the group apart.
  • Pocket diapers should be sold with their inserts as a complete set.
  • Please do not package your diapers in plastic or ziploc bags! Please tie bundled items together with string, yarn or ribbon.
  • All tags must be securely attached to your items with a safety pin, tied with yarn, or use a tagging gun. We recommend punching a hole in the tag and putting the safety pin through the hole. Do not use straight pins.
  • The tag should be safely pinned or tagged to the clothing tag located on the inside of the garment. The tag needs to be flipped outside of the garment so that it can be easily seen.
  • Consignors may choose to donate any unsold items. Items will be donated to the local women's shelter.

Most importantly, price reasonably. Even though you paid $30+ for that adorable custom all-in-one, don’t expect someone else to pay that after you have used it for six months or more. Start with 60-70% of the purchase price, then look honestly at your items and deduct for stains and signs of wear. Most baby carriers can fetch 70% of purchase price if they are brand name and in good condition.

Once you have everything sorted, registered, + tagged, just drop them off to Parenting By Nature anytime during our business hours. We ask that you include a note with your name and email address inside the bag or box you package the items in.

Seller Credits + Pick Up

Each sale made during our Repeat Sale is recorded by your unique identifying code and once the sale is over, we will continue to sell any remaining items in our retail store for two more weeks. Allowing us time to do this results in higher sales numbers for you!

Credit and Unsold Item Pickup Begins:  Tuesday November 1st
Credit and Unsold Item Pickup Deadline:Friday November 4th

We kindly ask that you give us an additional week to generate Gift Certificates and sort your unsold items back into packages for you to pick up. When we are finally ready with your sales tally we will contact you by email.

Items not picked up by the deadline will be donated and credit will be forfeited.

Please feel free to contact us with questions!