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We are delighted when customers write us to tell us about their shopping experience at Parenting By Nature. It helps us to know what we are doing right, and where we can improve. These reviews are important to us, as they are instrumental for customers looking to find quality products & services online. If you're pleased, not pleased, or just want to write to say hello, we'd love to hear from you. Our customers matter to us, as it's thanks to you that we have come to be the store we are today.

To read more about where we are showing up, check out our Media Coverage - Parenting By Nature has even been honored with a recommendation from David Suzuki in his Small Steps commentary! We truly appreciate the business and and support of all our wonderful customers and visitors.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Amazing! I just wanted to write & tell you how impressed I am with you guys! I received my order by post today, and I just placed it on Thursday. Fabulous! I will definitely be ordering more from your shop & recommending it to others! Thanks again! Nicole W., Toronto, Ontario (01/17/2011)

I just wanted to write a little note to say how pleased I have been with this store! Your vast amount of information on cloth diapering and baby wearing really made it easy to make the right choice for me. The information on this site gave me the confidence to try out cloth diapering and I'm so glad I did! I now use the GroBaby diapers and absolutely love them! They're so easy, I've even caught my husband changing the baby with them, (he swore he would never change a cloth diaper!) Also, your shipping service is amazing! Almost every time I've ordered, I receive the product 2-3 days later! I haven't received that kind of timely service from any other online company I've dealt with. Thanks again. Patricia R., Toronto, Ontario (05/06/2010)

Just have to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase! Your site is easy to navigate and full of helpful information. My package arrived quickly and we were very excited to start using our new goodies! The quality items you offer and fabulous customer service will keep me coming back (and spreading the word!). Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience! Susanne DM., Hamilton, Ontario (04/07/2010)

I received my diaper order yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks for the super fast efficient service! I ordered an item from a boutique in Calgary where I live on the same day and still have yet to receive it, so I was really impressed with the speed of which my order got here. I would also like to say thank you for the very cute diaper bag and prego-friendly mints you included in the package. It’s nice to feel appreciated as a customer when that certainly isn’t the norm in most of the customer service industry. I also had a few questions before I placed my order and they were answered quickly and accurately.

Thanks for providing a great service in Canada where the market can be a little lacking, I always like to support local businesses whenever possible, and I feel even better about it when the company turns out to be as helpful and efficient as you have been! Keep up the great work, Meg B., Calgary, Alberta. (03/14/2010)

A lovely blog post from Lisa in Toronto, Cloth Diaper Users Take Note... (03/14/2010)

Hello, I just missed the phone call left by your office pertaining to an order I place yesterday…and WOW I am really sorry I missed it!!!  Talk about wonderful customer service!!!   I appreciate the fact that you took the time to get  in touch with me  to explain why my order could not be filled and also to offer an alternative dealer.  I was pleased to encounter your site while searching for “bummis” and am hoping to do additional business with you in the future.  Shame the restrictions prevent the shipping ..thought we were all like cousins.. U.S. & Canada. Thanks, I just wanted to advise you how wonderful it is to have an encounter so pleasurable ..keep up the stellar Customer Service! Trish SB., Mount Joy, PA. (03/15/2010)

Thank you for offering such great products and your excellent customer service. Parenting By Nature is the best provider for all things baby. Cammy P., Arras, British Columbia (01/21/2010)

What an amazing company! Some local mamas suggested PBN and they were definitely on to something awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I promptly racked up a $450 bill! The products are fabulous, the email support is incredible, and the FREE shipping was lightening fast! I love love love this company! Morgan, Winnipeg, Manitoba (01/09/2010 posted with a 5 star rating on The Diaper Pin)

I just wanted to let you know that the (cloth) diapers arrived yesterday afternoon and all is fine and well! Thank you very much for the extra work. It's always a pleasure shopping from Parenting By Nature and I was especially impressed that you called personally to make sure my order was okay. I really appreciate it! Josie V., Toronto, Ontario (01/09/2010)

What great customer service, I will most definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. Sherry R., Vancouver, British Columbia (01/08/2010)

Thank you!!! Your store is fantastic, and I'm very grateful for your products, I want to ensure my little guy gets the best of what's out there, and I know you provide that! Have a lovely day, Amber Y. Toronto, Ontario (10/21/09)

Hi there - We're very excited to receive the diapers - at the moment we're using a diaper service (cotton prefolds with bummis covers) but they are not fitting very well and aren't sufficiently absorbent. We've had a number of independent recommendations of the bumGenius 3.0 and have borrowed one from a friend to try, and we're convinced they will be a great improvement!

I heard about your website through word of mouth - a friend of a friend who lives in Ontario recommended your site. When I visited it I was really impressed with the detailed information available for the products you carry, the competitive prices and I'm also happy it's a Canadian business. Cheers, Erica E. Vancouver, British Columbia (09/08/09)

I want to say a big THANK YOU to you and the folks at Parenting By Nature.  Your comprehensive website gave me the confidence to begin cloth diapering, and your prompt, courteous customer service has made my cloth diapering experience very pleasant!  I only wish I had come across your site earlier. Janice W., Vancouver, British Columbia (08/10/09)

It has been a pleasure doing business with your company - we will be sure to use you again for future baby/mommy needs and will recommend you to our friends and family!!
Rachel M., Barrie, Ontario (06/16/09)

Hi. Just a quick note to tell you I'm thrilled to receive your package today. The products are all as promised. But the part I'm thrilled with is the packaging. No one else uses recycled packaging! I'm totally impressed at the reused (ergo insert) shipping packaging and lack of ridiculous packaging for totally sturdy, non-breakable items. (Really do diapers from need extra filler in the packaging??? seriously??) Thank you for valuing our future and our environment and for great customer svc too. It matters and it is appreciated. You make a difference. Thanks again. Amy B., Solana Beach, California (04/26/09)

Praise for your Service; I just wanted to let you know that after being registered with you for gifts for my pending adoption I was consistently pleased with the speed of returned emails and the quick delivery service, never waiting more than 4 days for an order.  In a fit of "now I'm on leave and making no money…must find better prices" I switched over to an Ottawa area competitor who offered bright bummi whisper wraps for a better price.  Made my order on the 21st of Feb and received them yesterday, nearly 3 weeks later for 4 wraps.  No returned emails. Apparently I've learned that the couple bucks really doesn't matter.  You get what you pay for and I enjoy your service standards and will be back. Beverly, Tottenham, Ontario, Canada (03/16/09)

Thank you very much. You have fantastic customer service, I can see why you are doing so well!
Kasey, Vancouver, BC, Canada (02/05/09)
There are many products you sell that I would love to get my hands on.  The customer service I have received so far has been fantastic.  I will definately order from your site again.  Thank you,
Charise, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (02/05/09)

I think that your online store is terrific. I have returned to your informative website many times to read up on different topics and I'm looking forward to trying out cloth diapering once my little one arrives. Shopping at your site is a breeze and all the items I've purchased have arrived quickly. I'm certain that I will be back shopping at your site again.  Thanks!
Caralyn, Brantford, Ontario, Canada (02/04/09)

I just wanted to let you know how pleased, I have been with Parenting By Nature.  I'm in the midst of cloth diapering decisions with my first little one. Your website is very informative, with honest, practical commentary on different products which has been exactly what I need. It's difficult going to the products' [manufacturer's] sites because they never list the limitations.

I appreciate the automatic acknowledgement of the order, as well as the tracking information from Canada Post so I know when to expect my diapers to arrive. I think you are the one company that I have dealt with that have been so quick not only with orders and deliveries, but also with email correspondence (despite being a work-at-home mom with two kids!).

I really wanted to let you know, particularly how much I appreciate your kind service and phone call.  I'll definitely tell my friends about you. Wishing you the best of luck with your business and a peaceful, joyous holiday season.
Safa Rahman, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (12/18/08)

Buying from Parenting By Nature has always been a pleasant experience. I highly recommend this store to everyone! There is a large selection of so many natural parenting products that you are sure to find something. I keep coming back for more. They are always quick to respond to my numerous emails, and very detailed in their responses. I love having such a great store like this to shop from in Canada. I can now save on customs and my parcels arrive so much faster because they are not held up at the border. I'm so happy I found Parenting By Nature! What a wonderful mama AND store to buy from!!
Diana Kim, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

A rare and unique company indeed. You've exceeded my expectations considerably and you seem to genuinely care about your customers. That's hard to find today, especially online. I will be back again soon.
Signed, A customer for life, Sandra Murphy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I wish this store had been around when I had my first baby! I wouldn't have been so afraid to start cloth diapers. Thanks to you, baby #2 started out in cloth diapers from day one, and we're loving it. Great selection, SOOO much information (which is so important when shopping online!), and you're always willing to help out, whenever I've needed it. I've had some not so wonderful experiences shopping online (stores closing within a few months, not being accommodating with returns, no support after they got my money) that it's such a relief to find a store that genuinely seems to care about their customers. Thank you for being their for us Canadians!
Sue President, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

This has become my favorite store in Canada to buy my cloth diapers, among other things. A great selection, wonderful service every time, owner is very knowledgeable about her products and cloth diapers in general, and she is always quick to respond to my never ending questions both before and after a purchase. Love this store!!
Lori Powell, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My shopping experience with this online store was excellent, and I will definitely purchase from them again. The items were reasonably priced, and the quality was exceptional. Communication was superior, and shipping was lightning-fast. What more could you possibly want? I highly recommend Parenting By Nature to all my friends with confidence.
Robin, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I was really nervous about ordering online but I couldn't find the baby items I wanted anywhere else. Parenting By Nature put my mind at ease and every transaction since has been superb. I highly recommend this store to all my friends and will continue shopping here for all my baby needs. Thanks Parenting By Nature!
Margarita Johns, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

It was a really great shopping experience; they kept me updated on when the merchandise I bought was being shipped and answered all my questions with detail. I'm a new mom AND new to cloth diapering and I needed the hand-holding. Thank you for a great shopping experience and for all your help getting my baby into cloth diapers.
Ann LeBlanche, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Your selection is amazing! I really appreciate the care you take in making your product choices. I keep coming back, any time I have a gift to purchase. You make it so easy, especially when I can shop at midnight, while my baby sleeps. Thank you!
Carley Robbins, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My experience with Parenting By Nature has been the best of any online transactions I've ever made. I love how I can see when you shipped and when I will be receiving [my order]. It makes me feel very secure about my transaction and excited to receive my items so quickly. It was a very quick, comfortable, and safe transaction; very friendly as well. Thank you, and it was a pleasure to do business with you.
Christine McAleese, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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