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Perineal Bottle for Perineal Irrigation

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Perineal Bottle (Peri Bottle)

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Simple relief from postpartum pain ... a peri bottle is an essential maternity item.

While not all birth supplies are essential, we feel no woman about to become a mother should be without a perineal bottle for irrigation or having clean, cool water on hand at all times. Urinating after giving birth can sting! Our peri bottle will help relieve the sting and help you cope with perineal pain after giving birth. Also makes a great bottle for wipe solution, or to keep warm water handy at a change table after mom is done using it herself.

Why no new mother should be without a peri bottle after birth:

  • Reusable plastic perineal bottle with screw top for easy filling.
  • Mother can regulate water flow by simply using more or less pressure based on comfort level.
  • Helps new mothers cope with pain after giving birth.
  • Used to help heal and reduce the chance of irritation or infection of the perineal area.
  • Pop-up nozzle contains four small holes to produce a gentle spray.
  • Also a great travel companion when water isn't accessible - fits easily in a purse or diaper bag.
  • Many uses for after birth. You'll want more of these for around the house. This product won't go to waste!
  • Each 8-oz (1 cup) bottle measures 7 in. high.

Clear perineal irrigation bottle with twist-off top for perineal irrigation and care after a homebirth or any birth. A perineal bottle is a necessity for and should be included in any birth kit. Use for irrigation of the perineal area during urination to prevent perineal pain and discomfort. From personal experience we believe no mom-to-be should be without this simple yet highly effective birth product.

You will be thankful to have a perineal bottle available after the birth of your baby. A perineal bottle allows warm water to be available for comfort during perineal irrigation. Help speed healing and use a healing herbal teas in your perineal bottle, or simply use for comfort during urination.

What to use your Perineal Bottle for after Birth

As always, we prefer to use products that are reusable and have a life after their intended use. These little bottles serve many more purposes than just as a perineal cleansing bottle. They can be used for wound irrigation after birth, or for cleaning around the house. Kids love to play with them in the bath and I found it very helpful myself when washing my newborn's hair.

A peri bottle is also a great travel companion as it is small, lightweight, and easily fits in a purse or diaper bag. Keep it filled with water while you're out and about so that you can wet cloth wipes to wipe messy hands and faces, use to rinse mama pads (then store them in your travel wet bag!) or fill with any travel essential such as laundry soap, shampoo or body wash.

Let us know what your uses are for perineal bottle after your birth so we can add them to our list.

Price is for one (1) transparent and economical perineal irrigation bottle. Birth supplies are a final sale.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Essential item for mama and baby Review by CINDY

    This is most well known for its use postpartum, to clean and soothe perineal areas after birth. However it is also a great item for other uses and a staple in my bathroom! It is perfect for cleaning up after using the restroom anytime. You can also fill with witch hazel and use during pregnancy for hemorrhoids, yeast infections, and/or to soothe postpartum swelling. I even have one on my change table to use on cloth wipes for cloth diapers, and another in my diaper bag so that I can use cloth while out! IMO, Peri bottles are a mama's best friend and you definitely need more than one. (Posted on 1/4/11)

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  2. A must have for postpartum care Review by Amanda

    A friend suggested this was one of the must-haves for the hospital bag, and I'm so glad I got one! I had third degree tearing and many, many stitches, so having this in the bathroom made things feel much more comfortable those first few days. I filled with lukewarm water and a little witch hazel and found it helped the healing process. I took it into the shower for the first couple of weeks, too, to help cleanse without having to wipe. (Posted on 1/4/11)

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