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Nursing Pads - Wool Nursing Pads

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100% Wool Nursing Pads

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Wool options Fabric Cup Size Diameter
Small Natural Organic Merino Wool A/B/C 5"
Large* Natural Organic Merino Wool D+ 7"
Organic Cotton/Wool Wool with Organic Cotton A/B/C 4"

Wool Nursing Pads ... a new mother deserves to be pampered with natural wool.

Wool nursing pads help to provide you with the best conditions for a positive breastfeeding experience. Our wool breast pads are made of a specially processed blend of 100% natural, organic merino wool. Our wool nursing pads are super soft and soothingly comfortable and offer a very absorbent medium when extra coverage is required. Wool nursing pads are highly absorbent, as a natural property of wool is it's ability to absorb more than 30% of it's own weight in liquid.

Our wool breast pads are soft, warm, comfortable and absorbent - all the wonderful properties we look for in a nursing pad during this special time. We suggest having at least 3-4 pairs of breast pads on hand (per day), however, mothers with a heavier let-down may find a few extra pairs helpful.

Why you'll love using 100% Wool Nursing Pads:

  • Super soft & incredibly comfortable against your skin.
  • 100% natural, organic wool pads from unprocessed & untreated wool.
  • Wool nursing pads allow skin to breathe naturally, without feeling hot or sticky.
  • Wool nursing pads will keep your skin feeling dry & comfortable and never damp or clammy!
  • Wool naturally resists odors. No more smelling like sour milk!
  • Reusable breast pads are more economical & environmentally friendly.
  • Constructed from 2 thirsty layers of blanket-weight wool for a highly absorbent breast pad that is reliable against leaks.
  • Wool will remain feeling dry longer than any other natural fabric available.
  • Heal sore nipples faster as they are soothed & kept dry by soft wool nursing pads.
  • Generous size is designed to minimize "ring around the breast" from pads showing through.
  • You'll save money using washable, reusable nursing pads!
  • No bleaches, perfumes, chemicals or other irritants that are potentially harmful to you & your nursing baby are found in our 100% natural wool nursing pads.
  • Made in the USA from organically raised sheep.

*A note about size: Many women are surprised by the larger size of these pads, when compared to the familiar disposable or cotton nursing pads. Wool nursing pads are intended to provide more benefits than simply absorbing milk. Midwives have, for centuries, felt that protecting your breasts from wind and cold can help prevent plugged ducts and mastitis. The size large will give protective coverage over greater a portion of the breast. Please measure carefully.

An all-natural alternative to disposable breast pads, wool nursing pads allow your skin to breathe, while keeping nipples dry and breasts warm. A dry environment is important for healing sore, chapped nipples and this warmth is found to have a positive effect on the breasts for prevention of mastitis and plugged or blocked ducts, which can be of serious concern while establishing breastfeeding. It is believed that the warmth created by wool breast pads helps to increase blood circulation in and around the breast, improving the overall condition for creating a healthful milk supply.

Wool nursing pads contain natural lanolin, which aid in creating the optimal environment for breast care prior to birth and during nursing. When using wool breast pads you generally will only need two pairs for the entire time you are nursing, as wool does not retain moisture the same as cotton breast pads would. When your wool pads do start to get wet, it is a feeling of warmth, not the cold and clammy sensation of other breast pads.

How to wash your new Wool Nursing Pads:

Washing wool nursing pads is easy! For best results using wool nursing pads full-time, most mothers will need 3-4 pairs of nursing pads per day to ensure they have a full 24 hours between uses to dry out. Because of the natural, antibacterial properties that wool possesses, these wool nursing pads needn't be washed after each use. When your first pair of nursing pads begin to feel wet (or at least every evening), simple hang them to air out and use your second pair of pads. We recommend rotating between 3-4 pairs of breast pads each day (more if you have a heavy letdown) so you will not need to wash them very often. The natural lanolin content keeps your breast pads hygienic and odor-free. The moisture will evaporate quickly, leaving only milk solids behind. When your nursing pads begin to feel stiff or not as soft as they once were, it is time to wash them.

Allow your breast pads to dry before washing. When dry, begin by manipulating the stiffened area of your breast pads to break up the milk particles. Then, it's simply a matter of soaking your wool nursing pads in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild shampoo or soap. We recommend using Eucalan Wool Wash for best results and to clean without stripping lanolin from the wool. Swish your pads gently in the water and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse your wool pads in lukewarm water. If using Eucalan wool wash, it is not necessary to rinse. Squeeze out the excess water from your wool pads by pressing them between a towel. Lay or hang your breast pads to dry completely.

On occasion you may find that the lanolin content may need to be replenished in your wool breast pads. To accomplish this, melt a pea-sized amount of lanolin in a glass and add to your lukewarm soak. We recommend Lansinoh Pure 100% Lanolin – the highest quality lanolin available – as you will find many more uses for this miracle product beyond washing your wool nursing pads. It is 100% natural and specifically designed with breastfeeding mothers in mind.

Wool Makes a Perfect Breast Pad!

Jamie from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) asks us...

Q: Wouldn't wool nursing pads be itchy and uncomfortable to wear?

A: Absolutely not! In fact, wool nursing pads are one of the most comfortable nursing pad available. To begin with, a special blend of unprocessed, merino wool make for an extremely soft and luxurious nursing pad to use. Natural wool nursing pads are surprising soft and comfortable against your skin. Many people find wool itchy, but this is usually a product of the how the wool is manufactured. UN-processed and UN-treated organic merino wool is not the same itchy, scratchy wool most people think of when wool is mentioned.

More importantly, however, is the fact that wool nursing pads will allow your skin to breathe and you will remain feeling dry much longer while you wear them. I think our favorite feature overall, is the fact that wool won't "stick" to your breasts the way paper disposable and cotton pads will. You won't have to pull them off of you which can be painful and uncomfortable.

Not sure about wool against your skin? We have the PERFECT solution! Soft, silky rayon from bamboo is highly absorbent and incredibly luxurious. Find our Bamboo Nursing Pads here.

Two convenient sizes available, price is for one (1) pair of 100% Wool Nursing Pads. Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Disappointing and expensive, does not meet expectations Review by Jingshi

    I bought these after my third baby was born. I'd read about them but could not bring myself to spend so much money on nursing pads. I also doubted my ability to properly care for wool. But after my third baby I was going through cotton ones four times a day, doubled up. I couldn't keep up with the laundry so I'd end up stuffing towels down my shirt. I guess I have a lot of letdown. I bought two pairs of wool nursing pads in the hopes I would have better protection and be able to cycle the pads without washing in between.

    While it is convenient not to have to wash the pads regularly, the absorbency is disappointing. It is slow to take up so milk tends to just dribble down the pad into my bra and shirt. It I hold the pad firmly to prevent this from happening it leaks into my bra and shirt and I end up having round milk stains over my chest.

    The best pads I have are from this site. They are the cotton/wool pads ( I love them as they are comfortable and have good absorbency. But I still need to change them several times a day. Either I launder them frequently or buy six pairs... One is inconvenient and the other too costly so I still don't have a good solution to this problem! (Posted on 7/6/12)

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    (163 of 306 people found this review helpful)
  2. Too thin Review by Eleanor

    I gave these a try, but found the absorbency to be completely insufficient. I think I was a moderate leaker for the most part, but these weren't up for it. Because wool is water-repellent as well as absorbent, by the time the milk had soaked in to the pads, I found it had run down and wet through my bra. (Posted on 1/2/11)

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    (197 of 400 people found this review helpful)
  3. Great for sore nipples Review by LM

    I found these great for healing, warmth, and general comfort in the first what-did-I-get-myself-into-this-hurts days, and reliable absorbency and hiding ability later on. I don't leak much at all while wearing a bra, so they only had to catch the odd drip, especially while nursing the other side. Although bulky (I had size large for DD/F), the thickness is appreciated to add that layer of padding for smoothing.

    I wish however they came in black as well to match my black nursing bra. (Posted on 4/10/11)

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