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Natural Waldorf Dolls - Made in Fair Trade

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Natural Waldorf Dolls, Big Friend

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Big Friends are 17" tall and are particularly loved by older children (3 years +). Little Friends are 12" tall, perfect for the smallest of children.

Natural Fair Trade Handmade Waldorf Dolls...all natural dolls any child will treasure.

Natural Fair Trade Waldorf Dolls make a perfect first friend  for any young child. Adorable European design, a natural doll is more than just a doll; it becomes a comforter, it becomes another character in your child's life and above all it becomes a familiar best friend. Simple toys made from natural materials are recognized as being of great importance for the wholesome development of young children. A natural doll will grow with your child and expand their imagination. It will take on many different rolls as friend & comforter. A Waldorf doll will bring endless enjoyment for your special child for years to come.

Why you'll love our Natural Waldorf Dolls:

  • Only all-natural, pure materials are used to make these wonderful dolls.
  • Simple facial features allows child to establish dolls "expression" for the day.
  • No plastic, batteries or noise! Only natural materials that are soothing & healthier for your child.
  • Soft, flexible arms and legs allows for natural poses.
  • Big Friends are 17" tall and are particularly loved by older children (3 years +). Little Friends are 12" tall, perfect for the smallest of children.
  • Our Boy Big Friends make perfect dolls for boys. Read Real Boys Play with Dolls for a dad's perspective.
  • Filled with wool, Waldorf natural dolls take on the scents that are familiar to baby so child is easily comforted.
  • Wool is also anti-fungal and will naturally deter dust mites & mold.
  • Natural dolls encourage open-ended play fostering independence, creativity & imagination.
  • Traditional European-design will never become tired or outdated!
  • 100% all natural dolls are individually hand-crafted!
  • Created under Fair Trade conditions, our Waldorf Dolls hold the seal of the International Fair Trade Organization FTO mark.
  • Made in Fair Trade in India.


These wonderful natural dolls are hand-crafted in traditional European-design and are embraced by the Waldorf community. Made from soft, 100% cotton and pure sheeps wool, in addition to being naturally anti-bacterial, our natural dolls are designed to absorb scents easily, so the familiar scents of home will be soothing and comforting to your child. These beautiful dolls are non-toxic and safe to chew on with no fluff to inhale.

Waldorf dolls faces have a neutral expression to help expand the imagination of your little one. The doll can be whatever your child wants them to be - happy, sad, laughing or crying. This doll will stretch as far as your child's imagination!

Why Choose a Natural Waldorf Doll?

When it comes to finding all-natural children's toys, we LOVE to share. For our little girl's 3rd Christmas we were on the search for a special, natural doll that would be her first baby doll friend. With an appreciation of Waldorf education, we looked to the dolls embraced by the community for something extra special. Waldorf dolls (also called Steiner dolls) are made of natural materials - wool and cotton - using techniques drawing on European doll making tradition. The appearance of a Waldorf doll is intentionally kept simple, allowing for a child to develop it's own imagination and creativity during play. For instance, it has little facial expression allowing a child to establish the doll's own identity for the day.

A feature unique to  Waldorf dolls are their natural, comforting materials. Young children experience the world more through touch and smell than sight and a natural doll is designed to be tactile and representative of familiar, comforting scents and associations. Our Waldorf dolls are made of natural, renewable materials that are close to their original sources. The 100% cotton knit skin "breathes" with the child and wool stuffing gets warmer as it is held, just like a real baby. The characteristic shaping of the head and face makes this uniquely a Waldorf doll. An embroidered face allows for more imaginative play than with a doll with a fixed stare. Simple yarn hair give these dolls a natural look.

You might notice that most dolls you buy these days are cold, plastic and generally have a have a forced facial expression. And to our displeasure, dolls marketed to little girls also have make-up, trashy looking clothing and inappropriate accessories. They tend to be cold, loud and over-stimulating. Finally a doll that you can feel completely comfortable giving your precious child! Waldorf dolls are simple dolls made of naturally soothing materials. A special Waldorf doll is given to both boys and girls alike, helping to create a healthy sense of self, nurturing and well-being.

Natural Dolls and Fair Trade Toys

When you buy natural dolls, we of course hope that you do so because you enjoy their extra unique features. A lot of special attention has therefore been paid to the design of Waldorf dolls and to the choice of materials. However, there is more to these natural dolls than their simplicity and beautifully hand-crated nature. Each Waldorf doll is manufactured in Fair Trade, i.e. produced in a way where honest trading relations with the producers are the main issue. Fair Trade stretches far beyond for instance excluding or avoiding child labour. After all, the mere fact that children have not manufactured products does not automatically imply that they have been produced in human conditions (by adults) or at fair prices.

Fair Trade generally complies with the following principles:

  • The production occurs at honest wages: this means that employees and their families have to be able to provide for themselves in a normal manner, taking account of the cost of living in their country.
  • The production takes place in a socially acceptable context: wages are not the only issue, but also working environment, labour conditions, working hours, etc.
  • The trade relation is based on collaboration, not on competition: designing models, selecting materials, planning the production - everything occurs in transparency. The producers know what they are working on and they are familiar with the market circumstances.
  • Transfer of knowledge: This is related to teaching certain techniques, and it also concerns the broader context where the work takes place.
  • Respecting the environment: whenever possible, use is made of natural materials, often organically grown or reared, produced in an organically sound manner (cf. used dyes, etc.)
  • Financing: quite often, producers in the Third world cannot handle the purchase of sufficient or top quality material needed for the actual production. In that case, not only the production of the actual dolls, but also the purchase of the raw materials is prefinanced.
  • Transfer of production means: sewing machines, tools, etc.
  • Continuity in the trade relation: this implies that no switches to another producer will take place after one or several orders, for instance for the sake of the price: in other words, the producer is guaranteed of a constant work flow, and hence also has the guarantee that this investments (for instance in production means or training) will not be lost or will only be profitable for a very brief time.
  • The uses of materials which are produced locally or which are available on site, with a beneficial effect for local economy.

Please note that this type of doll has been copied many times over. Be aware that the cheaper "copy cats" are stuffed with polyester fiber fill instead of pure sheep's wool. Polyester does not transfer scents, therefore the doll cannot be considered a natural "bonding" doll!

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  1. Love this doll! Review by Shelagh

    I bought my daughter a Waldorf doll for her birthday a few months ago, and couldn't be happier. It's such a classic, lovely toy. The materials and workmanship are amazing, and she's had a wonderful time with it - she especially loves the super long hair (we bought 'Sasja').

    Because they're so soft and simply made, without any parts that could come off and create a choking hazard, these are great dolls even for the littlest kids. My toddler loves it just as much as his big sister does. :) (Posted on 1/2/11)

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