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Dolcino Woven Baby Wrap Carrier - Bali

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Dolcino Woven Baby Wrap Carrier

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Regular Price: $169.99

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Dolcino Woven Baby Wraps ... the most beautiful way to wear your baby.

Dolcino Woven Baby Wrap is a baby wrap like no other. The 100% organic cotton wraps are produced and designed completely in Germany and Switzerland where they are subject to high ecological and social standards. They are made in Switzerland using 100% organic cotton & non-toxic dyes. They are woven lengthwise and crosswise to create diagonal elasticity, have diagonally-cut ends for a smaller knot when tied. The Dolcino wrap is also a non stretchy woven wrap that is great for being hands free. You can hold your baby in the Dolcino wrap from birth up until around 60 pounds. Unlike other baby wraps, the Dolcino wrap has NO stretch! so once you put the wrap on, your baby will stay put and will not become loose or start to become saggy.  The ethnic beauty of this wrap is one you will fall in love with. The texture of this fabric just gets better with age as it will soften more and more with time, and if handled with care, this is one baby wrap that could easily be passed on through time.

Dolcino brand stands for the highest quality and safety, for dealing respectfully with nature, people and for ecologically sound products. 

Why you'll love the Dolcino Woven Baby Wrap Carrier:

  • Style, comfort & versatility; a Dolcino Wrap does it all and more!
  • Choose from vibrant, rich colours or neutral solids - only non-toxic, baby-safe dyes!
  • Superior fabric & construction with diagonal cut and finished ends to create a smaller knot.
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy fabric make for a perfect combination; easy to manipulate with superior weight support & distribution.
  • No predetermined shape or size - a one size fits all design!
  • A custom fit for baby & caregiver for the most comfort & support in any carrier.
  • Wrap-style carrier evenly distributes weight over both shoulders, back & hips for a comfortable carry.
  • Adapts to you and your baby as your carrying needs change due to versatility in wrapping positions.
  • Get creative with your baby wrap - the carrying positions are limitless!
  • Cool & breathable in warmer conditions, yet not bulky under clothing in colder climates.
  • The strength & support of a woven carrier is suitable for newborn to toddler!
  • Forms comfortably around baby providing sufficient support with minimal 'bounce' or stretch.
  • Easy to wash - just use warm water and hang to dry!
  • Made in Switzerland using 100% organic cotton & non-toxic dyes.

The supportive nature of a hand-woven cotton baby wrap such as the Delcino means baby's position is maintained in the wrap and will not stretch out as you go about your day. A baby wrap hugs baby to the wearer, offering excellent support for both, that is not a strain to the neck, back or shoulders. Using only the highest quality materials, an Dolcino wrap is as comfortable, durable and practical as a baby carrier can be.

Size Medium is considered a one-size fits most at 4.6m long.

The Art of Wrapping; A Time-Honored Tradition

Baby wrapping is an ancient tradition that has been practiced for generations, and continues to be a popular practice in many cultures around the world. Truly one of the most versatile baby carriers available today, the wearing positions with a baby wrap carrier are countless due to the simplistic design; just a long, rectangular piece of cloth that you creatively drape around your body in such a way as to snuggle your baby into the folds created. While you have the flexibility to tie a baby wrap to your body in an unlimited number of ways, the most basic carry is one that drapes the fabric over both shoulders and around the torso to create a secure and comfortable pocket in front, to snuggle your little one in tummy-to-tummy.

The least structured of baby carriers, a wraparound baby carrier has no limitations based on buckles, clips or ring placement, nor are you limited by the size or shape of the baby carrier itself. The SAME baby wrap can be worn by either a petite mama, or a football-player sized daddy, with only a few adjustments here and there. With even the heaviest of babies you can find comfort in a woven baby wrap. When used as a two-shoulder carrier, your baby's weight is evenly distributed across your back, shoulders and hips. A simple fanning of the fabric to conform and hug both you and your baby allows you to adjust each and every little inch of your carrier to best fit YOU.

While many people find that a baby wrap can be daunting at first glace, learning to tie a baby wrap is not as difficult as you might think. With a simple beginner carry, you will be able to position your baby in a variety of ways without having to learn any further tying techniques. However, if you're up to exploring the creative challenge that can arise from using a baby wrap, you'll quickly find that your tying options are endless.

What's the difference between a Woven Wrap and a Stretchy Wrap?

When you first learn of baby wraps, there may be some confusion about the various styles available. Baby wraps can be classified into two main categories - woven wraps and stretchy wraps. Both styles of wraps are generally 100% cotton (best for comfort and breathability) but the fabric used can be very different. A 'stretchy' wrap is usually a cotton jersey, similar to high-quality t-shirt material, whereas a 'woven' is just that - a woven cotton wrap that is sturdier and non-stretchy.

Stretchy Wraps: A stretchy wrap is best for a newborn or younger, lighter baby (under 25 lbs) as they are not as supportive of a baby's weight. A stretchy-wrap has a tendency to 'bounce' out of shape as the weight of your little one increases, which does not happen with a woven wrap. A stretchy-wrap is a softer fabric - some being the softest we have ever felt! - which will provide the perfect swaddled effect for a newborn. The stretch in the fabric is also helpful to allow the wearer to easily pop baby in and out of the folds without having to re-tie the carrier. Stretch is more forgiving, in that if you tie the carrier too tight or not as you normally would, you can usually re-position your baby or the fabric easily without having to re-tie the entire wrap. This makes a stretchy wrap baby carrier easier for a beginner to learn the art of wrapping. Stretch baby wraps include: The CuddlyWrap & Moby Wrap

Woven Wraps: The Dolcino baby wrap is a woven wrap. Most parents find that the best value comes with a non-stretchy or woven wrap, as they can be used for a longer period of time. A woven wrap offers better support and a more comfortable fit with an older and/or heavier baby. While a woven wrap has a slightly longer learning curve compared to a stretchy wrap, there is very little that is as satisfying as mastering the art of wrapping your infant to your body in a woven wrap. Don't let this style of baby carrier intimidate you - it's not nearly as complicated as it looks! Learning only one basic tying method will allow you to put your baby into 2-4 different carrying positions. If back carries are important to you, a woven wrap is usually a better choice, as it will be easier to position your baby on your back and the extra support without "bounce" becomes crucial when carrying a heavier baby. Woven wraps also offer stunningly beautiful fabrics that are a thrill to be adorned by. For a new mother, using their Dolcino wrap can really lift their spirits and bring some cheer into a tough day of mothering. 

Your Dolcino wrap comes complete with step by step instructions on how to wear your baby so even if you're a beginner, rest assured you should have no trouble learning the basics in wrap-tying techniques. With a bit of patience and flexibility, you will be wrapping like a pro in no time!

The Possibilities are Endless - a Dolcino Baby Wrap does it ALL!

The versatility of a woven wraparound baby carrier is what makes this traditional style of baby-carrying one of the most popular around. It is the one and only baby carrier that can be used for the full range of wrap carries, including a sling carry, low and high back carries and carrying your baby on your hip and more. Lightweight and soft enough for an infant, the Dolcino also offers great strength and stability to handle a toddler with ease and comfort for the wearer. Keep in mind that while there are countless ways to carry your baby in a baby wrap carrier, this does not mean it's a requirement to learn all the techniques. It simply means you have the option, should you decide to explore this. The majority of parents will quickly and easily find 1-2 favourite positions for their baby's age and stage - the most practical for the wearer and the position baby seems to like best - and they'll find themselves using these the majority of the time.

Another wonderful benefit of a wraparound baby carrier is that it can be used by a multitude of caregivers. A one-size-fits-all wrap, a baby wrap is designed to conform to any body shape or size. Every parent is shaped differently and a wrap baby carrier allows for complete comfort regardless of your shape or size. Also, because carrying preferences may vary between caregivers, if dad wants to wear baby on his back, mom wants a sling carry for hands-free breastfeeding, and grandma prefers tummy-to-tummy, all this and more can be accomplished with a baby wrap.

Similarly every baby is a different shape and size and their preferences will vary greatly from one little one to the next. Some babies will only want to be snuggled in close, tummy-to-tummy against mom, while other babies will want to be up higher so they can see and view the world around them from dad's point of view. With an Dolcino wrap you will easily be able to adjust from one position to the next, depending on which position YOUR baby prefers best. This makes the Dolcino a great investment if more than one baby is planned, as we all know baby #2 (or 3!) will be nothing like baby #1. With a stretchy wrap carrier your chances are highest that the same carrier will work equally as well for a baby with an entirely different personality. This makes a wraparound carrier an investment that will truly last.

What size Dolcino Wrap do I need?

The most important sizing consideration when it comes to a baby wrap baby carrier is whether or not you will have enough fabric for the multitude of wrapping positions you can put your baby in. For this reason, it is always preferable to size up. Even if you don't think you'll be doing the more complicated carries that may require more fabric, the option is always there with a slightly longer baby wrap. It's very disappointing to find out down the road when you have the time or inclination to experiment with your wrap, that an extra foot of fabric would have opened up many new carrying positions. A wrap that is slightly longer looks very elegant with a  trailing tail at your side or down your back, but if this is bothersome, you can always add a simple straight hem to your carrier which can be taken out in the future, or tuck this extra trailing fabric into the folds of your wrap, once tied on.

The size Medium wrap yields enough fabric to fit the majority of build types for a wide variety of baby carries.

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