Baby and Children's Toys - Safety Concerns

We are listening - and at Parenting By Nature the safety of our products is of utmost concern. Each and every baby toy (and natural product!) within our store is carefully selected based on their quality, value, function, purpose and integrity during manufacturing.

We’ve had many emails lately about alternatives to plastic baby toys on the market today that are made in China. As parents ourselves, we have always maintained that the approach we take with our business is that we will only carry toys that we want our own children to play with and enjoy, they must be environmentally-friendly, and the manufacturer must handle their relationship with their workers with integrity and respect. We do extensive research into each of the lines we choose to carry.

When we choose baby toys for our natural products line we consider a number of criteria. Our products are made of only natural materials – cotton (organic cotton is preferred), wood, natural rubber and wool. You will NOT find standard plastic, battery-operated toys, petroleum by-products or cartoon characters gracing our shelves. In an effort to bring parenting and the difficult job of raising our babies back to the basics, we truly believe that simple, heirloom-quality toys made from natural materials are best for our little ones.

Natural Baby Toys for Baby
All Natural Baby Rattle

Learn more about Why Natural Toys Just Make Sense, or read on to learn about a few of our family and customer favourites.

A few of the many natural baby toys on our store shelves include:

European designed and manufactured HABA wooden toys. (Made in Germany)

Haba Natural Wooden Toys

Haba Natural Baby ToysHaba Natural Baby Toys
Natural Rubber Teething Toys
Sophie the Giraffe Natural Rubber Teething Toy. (hand-crafted in the French Alps)
All Natural, Hand-Crafted Solid Maple Wooden Baby Rattles.
(handmade in Vermont, USA)
Natural Baby Rattle Teething Toys
Organic Cotton Baby Toys for cuddling, teething and natural play.
(100% organic Egyptian Cotton)
Natural Wool Toys for toddlers, hand knit in Kenya by a women’s cooperative.
Natural Wool Baby Toys

HABA Wooden Toys (made in Europe) meet the highest safety standards in the world. A statement on the safety of their toys solidifies important fundamental principles – their baby toys are produced in an environmentally responsible manner, they are designed to last a lifetime (often more!), and above all, HABA wooden toys are safe for your baby.

Sophie the Giraffe is a natural rubber teething toy – she is non-toxic, environmentally responsible and a sure fire way to bring a smile to any baby’s face. Sophie the Giraffe has recently received more public attention with her "appearance" in the Globe & Mail (Canada). Not only popular for her wonderful non-toxic, baby-safe nature, Sophie is simply a joyful little creature that any baby would be thrilled to have. Babies across Canada love this soothing little friend!

Our all-natural maple rock wooden baby rattles meet or exceeds all standards for safety, both Federally mandated and voluntary (USA and Canada), and has been laboratory tested for import into Europe (CE Certified). These are hand-made in the USA and there is NO paint, lacquer or oil on this natural baby rattle, so baby safely chews on ONLY sweet and pure maple wood.

Organic cotton baby toys are a wonderful choice – free of pesticides and toxins, and completely safe for baby to teethe. Our organic baby toys are 100% certified organic cotton, made in Egypt with non-toxic dyes and stitched faces (no buttons or beads to fall off). Egyptian cotton is well known for its quality, purity and softness. Under the Nile organic baby toys not only look and feel special, they are a healthier alternative to baby teething toys found in general department stores.

All of our natural baby toys meet or exceed internationally recognized safety standards. We aim to provide baby toys that are not only safe, but also functional and designed to last. This melding of form, function and quality mean that our natural toys are pleasing for baby to play with, serve a definite purpose, and will stand up to the rigors of simply being a baby’s cherished plaything. We hope that you’ll find the perfect baby toy to share with your little one, as well as your family and friends.

For further information on the safety of our baby toys, please don’t hesitate to contact us. To learn more about baby toys and toxicity,

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Nothing is more important than the safety of our children, and our carefully selected natural baby toys are ones you can feel good about. Here’s to many years of safe and healthy playing.


Tamara Champion, CEO
Parenting By Nature Inc.
for our children, our families, our future