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MotherEase Sandy's (Two Size Diapers)

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Mother Ease Sandy's Cloth Diapers offer less bulk, a durable snap system and cotton cloth diapers that are less prone to odour retention and residue or build-up issues. They come in two main sizes: small for 8-20 lbs, and large for 20-35 lbs. We also offer newborn cloth diapers which offer a custom fit for newborns and preemies, fitting well from 6-12 lbs.

Why you'll love MotherEase Fitted Cloth Diapers:

  • An incredible economical cloth diaper - two sizes allow for a trim yet reliable fit.
  • Side-snapping cloth diapers are trim around the waist. Less bulk on a newborn.
  • Brushed terry fabric will contain even the runniest of solids.
  • Highest quality specially knit cotton fabric will retain less odors.
  • Cotton fabric is less prone to odor retention & residue or buildup.
  • Stretchy, soft materials provide a snug fit without causing red marks.
  • Soft elastic at waist & leg opening protects tender skin while containing leaks.
  • Suitable for day use, heavy wetters & even overnight, just add a doubler for increased absorbency.
  • Snaps & durable fabric will withstand abuse from washing. These cloth diapers were made to last!
  • Sturdy plastic snaps...easy access for parents but difficult for the curious toddler.
  • Available in unbleached knit cotton terry, as well as gorgeous colors.
  • Easy care! Machine wash & dry.
  • Made in Canada.

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Small (8-20 lbs)
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Large (20-35 lbs)
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Large (20-35 lbs)
$13.59 each
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MotherEase One Size Cloth Diapers - economical cloth diapers offering the perfect fit.

MotherEase Cloth Diapers in Canada.

Purple, Blue, Aqua, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange

Mother Ease Cloth Diapers ... Canadian-made fitted cloth diapers like no other.

MotherEase fitted cloth diapers are made from the same soft, stretchy cotton terry cloth as the best-selling MotherEase One-Size cloth diapers using the same quality of workmanship, but they have an extra layer of absorbent terry sewn to the inside of the diaper. The fit of this cloth diaper is slightly roomier. Elastic at the waist front and back as well as the leg openings, together with the snap closures at the sides create a clean pant-like look. A surged edge finishes the diaper. Our large Sandy‚Äôs cloth diaper is one of the most absorbent cloth diapers ever, and holds 15 oz. When used together with our Stay-Dry Diaper Liners and Hemp Doublers MotherEase fitted diapers make an extravagant nighttime cloth diaper.

An easy diapering system to use, MotherEase fitted diapers don't require any origami-style folding and pinning. These cloth diapers are an economical choice for the parents that want to use cloth, but don't have as much time to put into getting over the initial learning curve that prefolds entail. For less than $500 Canadian, you can use cloth diapers on your baby from birth to potty training with a system of MotherEase Cloth Diapers and MotherEase Air Flow Cloth Diaper Covers that is simple, easy to care for, and will last through more than one child, with proper care and laundering. Ask us how!

We've used MotherEase cloth diapers in our own household for years. They are one of the most reliable, well-fitting cloth diapers available and we love that they are manufactured right here in Canada. They even make a wonderful one-size system, if you're looking for grow-with-your-baby cloth diapers - MotherEase One-Size Cloth Diapers. For the best fit and a trimmer system, however, this two-sized cloth diapering system is one of the best. Use the following quantities of MotherEase fitted diapers for a system just as economical as a one-size system - with less bulk.

How many cloth diapers will I need if I'm on a very tight budget?

Newborn cloth diapers - skip this size if you are on a tight budget. Most babies will fit the size small from birth, but they will be a tad bulky. These are perfect for cloth diapering twins or for preemie cloth diapers.

Small cloth diapers - you will need at least 12 per day along with a minimum of 4 cloth diaper covers. You will find yourself washing daily with only 12 cloth diapers, but you can purchase more down the road, if you choose.

Large cloth diapers - You don't need to purchase these right away. The size large cloth diapers will not fit a newborn, so wait a few months before purchasing this size. When the time comes, you will need at least 8-10 per day along with a minimum of 4 cloth diaper covers. Again, you will find yourself washing daily, so 24 cloth diapers and 6-8 cloth diaper covers are recommended.

MotherEase Cloth Diapers - a leader in manufacturing.

Mother-ease Fitted Diapers (this two-sized system) is the proud winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) seal of approval for 2009. The Mother Ease Sandy's cloth diapering system, along with an Air Flow Cloth Diaper Cover was submitted and and the combination won! This winning cloth diaper combination was designed over 15 years ago and is still an award winning diapering system - that's Mother-ease!

MotherEase Cloth Diapers

MotherEase Fitted Cloth Diaper - tried, tested and true.

Frequently Asked Questions about MotherEase Cloth Diapers

Q: Is a Cloth Diaper Cover required with MotherEase cloth diapers?

A: Yes. MotherEase cloth diapers are made of an absorbent fabric inside and out, however they are not waterproof. This is where your cloth diaper covers come in. You require a waterproof exterior in order to prevent leaks and help contain any mess inside of your MotherEase cloth diapers. We highly suggest the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap for a perfect and trim fit, or a wool diaper cover for a completely natural system.

Cloth diaper covers that work best with MotherEase cloth diapers include:

MotherEase Fitted Cloth Diapers are best-selling fitted cloth diapers for a reason. The folks at MotherEase have 16 years of experience manufacturing cloth diapers in Canada offering one of the best, most durable and reliable cloth diapers on the market today. Available in unbleached and a rainbow of colours, buy our MotherEase Cloth Diapers in bulk for the best value.

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