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Parenting By Nature in the News

Septemeber 2009

Cloth diapers? Check. The best baby carriers? Yep. Natural toys? Of course. Body care products for the whole family? You betcha. In fact, if it’s not here, you probably don’t need it.
Parenting By Nature;

We're so excited about our mention in Gillian Deason's new book Green for Life, 200 Simple Eco-Ideas for Every Day (Spring 2008). Parenting By Nature has been listed as an eco friendly store to find all natural baby products and cloth diapers in Canada. The baby category covers cloth diapers, natural baby toys, natural bedding and natural ideas for raising baby. You'll find Green for Life in bookstores across Canada.

Natural Baby Gifts

We have been honored with a mention in the book Ecoholic, Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada (Spring 2007). The baby category covers cloth diapers, natural baby toys and more. Our Natural Baby Gift Registry was highlighted as a source in Canada. Thank you Ecoholic!

Small Steps

David Suzuki, Special to the Sun

Published: Monday, January 07, 2008

The traditional disposable diaper takes an estimated 500 years to break down. What's more, in Canada, more than four million disposable diapers are discarded each day! Several greener brands of disposable diapers are now available -- these are usually free of chemicals, fragrances and chlorine, and made with unbleached cotton and wood pulp. A reusable diaper, however, is the best option.

For more information on alternatives, visit:

David Suzuki's Small Steps appears Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Vancouver Sun.

Natural Baby Gifts

The December 2007 issue of the Townsend Letter, The Examiner of Alternative Medicine, encourages it's readers to "vote with their dollars" and look for healthier alternatives to traditional gifts this holiday season. In the "Gifts for Baby" column it's suggested that our natural baby products make great gifts for new mothers. And we think so to! Check out our natural baby gifts, cloth diapers, baby slings & baby carriers, natural baby toys and more.
Wow! The Mother Earth News article, "Better Basics for Bringing Up Baby" (October 2007) mentions our Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers and Happy Heiny's cloth diapers, the Ergo Baby Carrier, organic cotton baby toys, the Klean Kanteen and more. For all these wonderful natural baby products, Parenting By Nature was recognized as a source for parents right here in Canada.
Natural Rubber Teething Toys
Natural Baby Rattle Teething Toys
Toronto's Centre of the City Magazine featured an article on "Going Green - Earth Friendly Stuff" (July-August 2007) touting Parenting By Nature as a place to buy your natural care products in the Greater Toronto Area. Also mentioned were cloth baby diapers manufactured in organic cotton or hemp.

Grist Environmental News & Commentary mentioned our TummyTub, vinyl-free changing pads and mattress pads, Klean Kanteens and more, in their article entitled "A Guide to Buying Non-Plastic Baby Products" (Sept/07). Again, Parenting By Nature in Canada was recognized as a source for many of these products. has done a piece on great lunchtime solutions in their "Think Outside the Lunch Box" article (Sept. 11/07). Our Klean Kanteens were mentioned as the healthiest alternative to plastic - a reusable stainless steel bottle that it toxin-free & non-leaching. And when asked where to find Klean Kanteens in Canada, Parenting By Nature was mentioned.


Also by, Parenting By Nature received a nomination for the Mompreneur of the Year Award for three years running - 2007, 2008 and 2009!

Parenting By Nature has been honored with a mention in the Nova Scotia Guide to Less Toxic Products since 2005. While you'll find us in the Baby Care/Cloth Diapers category, you'll find that many of the natural baby products mentioned in this natural baby guide can also be found in our natural baby boutique.

Halifax Natural Journal

As seen in Nova Scotia's Heath & Wellness Journal! The Source can be found in the office's of Midwives, natural heath stores and other specialty shops throughout the Halifax and Dartmouth area. Parenting By Nature was the original "source" for your natural baby products, cloth diapers and natural parenting products in the province. Products that nurture your little one - our home boutique carried cloth diapers, baby slings & baby carriers, natural baby toys and more.

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