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Green, Natural Products for a Sustainable Lifestyle.

Offering safe, healthy products that are better for you, our communities and the earth, believes changes, no matter how small, make a difference.

Our family supports the Pay it Forward concept, believing that if every person could commit to one small change this would amount to millions of small changes occurring around the world. We also believe that after you’ve made that one small change, you’ll find another change, and then another, that much easier.

If you share your experience with friends, family and co-workers and each of them make one small change, pretty soon you’ll have started a movement. A movement in which each choice that’s made to use or consume a product is one that makes our world a safer, healthier, better place in which to live.

We’re not afraid of casting a critical eye on products we come across. In our Lifestyle department you’ll find carefully selected products that have passed our stringent editing and standards process. These are the best of the best – safer, healthier, environmentally-responsible products that are manufactured in a way that respects our environment, labour and human rights practices.

Thank you for shopping at Your choice makes a difference.