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Wool Dryer Balls

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Organic Wool Dryer Balls (4pk)

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Price is for a set of (4) four wool dryer balls.

Organic Wool Dryer Balls ... isn't it time you got your own set of BaaLLS?

We dry ourselves with the towels, sleep on the pillow cases, and wear the undergarments that we wash daily – our laundry should be clean and non-toxic. Fabric softeners, dryer sheets and even dryer balls made from PVC, contain some not-so-snuggly ingredients that are doing a lot of harm to our health, our children's health and even our planet. Although these products are marketed to make us believe that the warm fuzzy bunnies, teddy bears, or babies are safe and comforting, we often overlook the fine print telling us that they contain hazardous chemicals. If you're curious about the residue left behind on your clothing, sheets and baby clothes after washing with fabric dryer sheets, try  wiping a glass window with one. The chemical mess left behind will astound you!

Wool Dryer Balls are a pure and natural alternative to fabric softeners that are incredibly economical! At less than $10 per dryer ball, you'll save all year long without the need to buy fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as well as saving energy with reducing your drying time. Made with 100% pure certified organic virgin wool, our wool dryer balls cut drying time by up to 40% for a full load without harmful chemicals.

Why you'll love our Organic Wool Dryer Balls:

  • Reusable, sustainable dryer balls made from 100% pure certified organic virgin wool.
  • Absolutely no toxins! Safe for infants, children and during pregnancy.
  • Unscented (but you can infuse with your favourite essential oil easily!).
  • Wool is clean and pure. It does not harbor bacteria or leave a toxic residue on clothing.
  • Saves money! No need to buy fabric softener or dryer sheets again. These will more than pay for themselves in a very short amount of time.
  • Saves energy! Wool dryer balls reduce drying time by up to 40% for a full load (with a set of 4).
  • Softens clothes and reduces static cling naturally, without chemicals or waste.
  • Great for people with sensitive skin and the eco-intelligent citizen.
  • Made from 100% wool - absolutely no synthetic ingredients, and wool dryer balls won't crack or fall apart like other plastic dryer balls.
  • Wool dryer balls can be composted when they wear out. What a way to use a renewable resource to its fullest!
  • Wool is a durable fiber that lasts well beyond the life of most synthetics and other natural fabrics such as cotton.
  • Makes a perfect housewarming gift, or an extra special hostess surprise.
  • Wool is sourced from happy, ethically-treated sheep. We do not support factory-farming processes.
  • Lovingly handmade in Canada.


When we wash and then dry our clothes, we assume that our laundry is sanitary and fresh – but how clean is it really? Avoid toxic chemicals found in conventional dryer sheets and get yourself a set of wool dryer balls.

Love scented laundry? Infuse your wool dryer balls with your favourite essential oil. When using essential oil you can put a small amount on one ball or each, depending on your personal preference and how strong you'd like your laundry to smell. This should be rubbed into the wool well (a washcloth does the trick).

Price is for a set of (4) four wool dryer balls. For best results use all 4 wool dryer balls in the dryer for every load. For larger than average loads or family-sized machines we'd suggest adding an additional 4 wool balls.

Size: Diameter of 1 ball approximately 3". Handmade in Canada.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Soft clothes without chemicals Review by Charm

    I have a four pack that’s getting lots of use now that the weather isn’t always cooperating with drying our clothes on the line. I do think that they help to reduce the drying some. I like that they are much quieter in the dryer then the hard balls I had before them. I love that our clothes come out soft without having any added chemicals or scents. (Posted on 10/22/12)

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  2. Not worth the cost Review by Estar

    I was so excited to use these balls but was disappointed. I use all 4 dryer balls for cloth diapers as well as regular laundry and, I don't see a difference in drying time. I usually just run the dryer a second time to get the damp diapers/clothes completely dry.
    I really wanted them to work, so sad.

    A note from Parenting By Nature: Depending on the size of your machine, some individuals find they will need at least 8 for a noticeable difference. Four is a good starting point, and should help with softness, but for a dryer that you are generally running 2 cycles to complete, definitely add more balls to help with lofting and absorption. Good luck! (Posted on 7/29/13)

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