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The Nursing Bracelet, Olive Green

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The Nursing Bracelet

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Regular Price: $39.97

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The Nursing Bracelet ... simple, stylish, ingenious.

The Nursing Bracelet is a sleek and beautiful "wearable" nursing log that tracks which breast your baby last fed from, and what time they last fed, to the nearest 15 minutes. It can alternatively be used to keep a tally of the total number of feeds in a day or night. So much more than an elegant piece of jewelry, The Nursing Bracelet helps take the worry and anxiety associated with the first few weeks of breast feeding and replaces it with a sense of relief. Reminders of the last feeding time are especially useful for a new mother that is tired, overworked, or suffering from the newborn baby blues. The Nursing Bracelet can also be used to track bottle feedings, diaper changes, nap times, exercise routines and more.

Regardless of it's use, The Nursing Bracelet is an ingenious simple, sleek and discreet tracking system that is small, convenient, portable and easy to use. You will find a multitude of uses for this bracelet, both with a newborn, and long after your little one has grown. The Nursing Bracelet becomes a unique and valuable keepsake that can be worn by mom as a reminder of the special time shared between her and her infant.

Why moms love the Nursing Bracelet:

  • Small, convenient, portable & easy to use.
  • High-quality, fire polished glass beads for beauty.
  • Strong stainless steel bangle for strength.
  • Four elegant colored beads represent every 15 minutes.
  • White glass beads marked with the 12 hours for clear tracking.
  • Includes one (1) marker charm. Second charm available for multiple uses.
  • Easy, one handed operation.
  • A tracking log that is worn discreetly.You will want to show it off.
  • Versatile tracking system. Can be used for nursing, bottle feeding, tracking diaper changes, medication schedules, appointments, exercise laps & more!
  • Designed, created & manufactured by moms.
  • Individually hand-made with care in the USA under fair labor conditions.
  • Makes a very unique gift for mom.


A Nursing Bracelet and So Much More

The Nursing Bracelet has many practical applications beyond that of tracking your newborn's nursing schedule. It can also be used to:

  • Track the number of bottles your baby takes in a day.
  • Count your baby's wet diapers in a day.
  • Remember when to pump for feedings.
  • Keep track of nap time and sleep schedules.
  • Count glasses of water you've had in a day.
  • Remember when to take/give medication.
  • Keep track of exercise laps you've walked/run.
  • Remember an appointment.
  • Remember when to feed the parking meter.
  • Makes a unique gift for mom!


A new mother is going to loose sleep. This is a fact, and there is no getting around it. However, there is no need to loose your sense of style as well. With our Nursing Bracelet you will worry less and be able to concentrate on more important things when it comes to your new little one, without sacrificing fashion. Beautiful and practical, The Nursing Bracelet is available in 4 gorgeous colors and makes a GREAT unique gift for any new or expecting mom. We can even ship it directly to your gift recipient! What a wonderful way to make a new mother or mother-to-be feel elegant, important and appreciated.

Help for the Nursing Mother

As a new mom, The Nursing Bracelet is a positive tool used to aid in establishing your nursing relationship with your newborn. During the first few days after your little one has arrived life will be quite hectic, and learning how to nurse your baby can be rather daunting. We know from first hand experience that nursing does not always come as naturally as we believe it should, and it is very easy to get frustrated and disappointed when first starting out. With The Nursing Bracelet you will be able to relieve some of the stress, worry and anxiety that comes during this important stage in your newborn's life.

According to the Canadian Pediatrics Society, newborn babies should feed every two to three hours. It can, however, take time for babies to establish a feeding routine, and tired moms often find it difficult to keep track of a hungry newborn's 'little-and-often' feeding patterns. The Nursing Bracelet is a simple and attractive solution to this problem, with several functions that will help you keep track of your newborn's feeds, while also aiding in establishing a good milk supply.

As a new mother the lack of sleep you will experience during the first few weeks after giving birth is unimaginable. You most likely will be very tired and will find it difficult to remember when your baby last fed.  It may also be difficult to recognize the difference between your newborn's hunger cries and other cries.  Having a record of your baby's last feed helps you recognize when they're hungry and ensures they feed often enough. Tracking which breast you last nursed from can help to control sore nipples, avoid breast engorgement and ensure your baby gets the full benefit of your milk.  The Nursing Bracelet provides a simple, discreet way to record this information, and is always there when you need it.

How to Use The Nursing Bracelet

With The Nursing Bracelet you can quickly and easily track your newborn's feedings. It can remind you which breast you fed from last and the time that your baby last fed, using number beads and colored beads arranged to represent a 12-hour clock. The number beads represent hours and each colored bead indicates a 15-minute interval. An attached charm is moved to mark the time (see the diagram below). You will never forget your baby's schedule again, whether you're breastfeeding-on-demand or simply making sure a sleepy baby nurses frequently enough.

Using The Nursing Bracelet:

1. Switch your bracelet from wrist to wrist to keep track of which breast you last nursed from.

2. Move the charm to mark the time your baby's last nursing began (see diagram below). This is helpful is you have a sleepy baby who doesn't wake for nursing often, if you would like to establish a breastfeeding schedule, or if you're nursing-on-demand and would like to track your baby's breastfeeding patterns. You can either mark when your baby fed last or when your baby should nurse/feed next.

3. An alternate use for the bracelet is to count the total number of nursing sessions in a day. Place the charm after the relevant bead number.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Loved receiving this as a gift - beautiful keepsake! Review by R&R Mom

    I loved receiving this nursing bracelet as a gift. It is so much nicer than the plastic bracelets that would just end up being tossed. This is practical, beautiful and was easy to use. I love that I can pass it down to my daughter when it's time for her nursing experience. Thanks Parenting By Nature, for offering such unique, special products. (Posted on 11/24/13)

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    (112 of 215 people found this review helpful)
  2. Didn't work for me at all Review by Michelle

    I thought this would be helpful, but it really wasn't for me. In my sleep-deprived state, I could never remember if I had moved the bracelet from one side to the other, and the clasp was just too fiddly when I had my newborn in my arms (which was most of the time I was awake!)

    Paper and pencil worked best for me...

    But I'm sure someone will love it! (Posted on 1/4/11)

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? Unlikely

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