Cloth Diapering 101 - How to Use Cloth Diapers

Welcome to our K.I.S.S. Guide to Using Cloth Diapers

We're so pleased that you're interested in learning more about using cloth diapers. Let our 10 years of experience be your guide, as we've helped hundreds of parents navigate the world of cloth diapers over these years.

Cloth diapering today is not what it used to be. Pins, rubber pants and messy wet pails are all things of the past. Today there are many choices in cloth diapers, cloth diaper covers and cloth diapering accessories. With so many brands and styles of cloth diapers available on the market, how is a parent to choose?. Choosing and using cloth diapers can easily become overwhelming for someone just starting out. Add to this the vast amount of information available in books and online and it's no wonder many parents give up on cloth diapering before they even get started. We’ve been there and rest assured, we are here for you every step of the way.

When it comes to how to cloth diaper our mantra is to Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Why make things more complicated than they already seem to be? More complex and detailed information can be attained as the need arises, but until then, our online K.I.S.S. Guide to Cloth Diapering will get you off to the right start.

Cloth Diapering - Cloth Diapers 101 - How to Use Cloth Diapers

So, grab a cup of tea, sit back and relax as we take you through our KISS Guide to Cloth Diapering - a simple cloth diapering tutorial that includes everything you need to know to get you started with using cloth diapers.

  1. Beginner's Most Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Why Parents are Choosing Cloth Diapers
  3. Which Witch is Which? (aka What’s What in Cloth)
  4. How to Choose a Cloth Diapering System
  5. Washing & Caring for Cloth Diapers (trust us, it's easy!)
  6. Getting Started with Cloth Diapers ~ What do I need?
  7. Cloth Diapering Tips & Tricks 

After reading through our information about using cloth diapers, if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. When you buy your cloth diaper layette at Parenting By Nature we provide on-going customer support throughout the entire time you are cloth diapering. We love to help.