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Cloth Diaper Bank and Cloth Diaper Donations

As a small, family business, we're constantly looking for ways to give back to our community. We feel a strong responsibility and desire to share our knowledge of how cloth diapers can save a family money - money that might be better spent on quality food, clothing, and comfortable living conditions. It is both a joy and honour to be able to match up a family in need with a set of cloth diapers that could potential save them $2000-$3000 per child. Educating parents about cloth diapers since 2004, launching Ontario's first cloth diaper bank is the perfect way for the Parenting By Nature family to give back.

Why would you donate your cloth diapers instead of selling them?

Because the standard of living for a family in need can be greatly improved with a savings of at least $100/month by using cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers. Providing them with cloth diapers is a small but very practical way to help make their lives more comfortable. Our Cloth Diaper Bank donations are available to local, eligible families. Your donations are greatly appreciated and help to make this bank possible!

We are currently collecting donations of cloth diapers for low-income families, teen and single mothers in Simcoe County (just North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and the Muskoka area. Stop by our store in Orillia and drop off any new or used cloth diapers in our local bank basket. If you're not local but have diapers to donate, we are happy to have you send them to us! We're pleased to take donations from across Canada.

While we do have the diapers cleaned before they are passed on, we asked that you send them to us in clean, dry condition (staining is okay). We're also thrilled to take donations of detergent, cloth wipes, receiving blankets and baby carriers.

Parenting By Nature Contributes

As our contribution to our cloth diaper bank program, for every 24 diapers that are donated to our local bank, we contribute enough diapers for one full day's worth of diapering (12 NEW cloth diapers), detergent for washing, as well as education and support to the families getting started with cloth diapers. Along with this contribution, the Parenting By Nature staff all volunteer their time receiving, sorting, washing and delivery cloth diapers to families in need. Marketing efforts to bring awareness about the Parenting By Nature cloth diaper bank are also gladly donated by the Parenting By Nature family. It is genuinely a thrill for us to be able to get cloth diapers in the hands of families that need them the most - without your support, this could not be possible!

Please mail cloth diaper donations directly to our store:
ATTN: Diaper Bank

5 Ontario Street
Orillia, Ontario L3V 6H1

On behalf of the families that have the opportunity to make use of your generous donations, we thank you!

Do you know a family in need that would consider cloth diapers?

Do you know a family in need that might consider cloth diapering to help make ends meet? Please email us at or stop by the store to talk to us about a family you know. Alternately, stop by the store at 5 Ontario Street in Orillia for an application form.

Through the generous donations of our suppliers, customers and cloth diapering parents across Canada, we are able to provide local families in need with a set of 12-24 cloth diapers either free of charge or at a very low cost. Currently our parents in need are referred to us through a public health clinic or by a public health nurse, as well as through local social assistance organization working with low-income families.

Please note, while we often have cloth diapers available immediately, there are times of the year where we may have low or no stock to offer. A family in need would be put on a wait list until a suitable donation is made.

We service the Simcoe County/Georgian Bay area. Donations may be provided to families in need in Angus, Innisfil, Barrie, Creemore, Wasaga, Collingwood, Elmvale, Penetang, Midland, Orillia, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge (Muskoka).

Thank you for your support!