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Baby Sheepskin Rug

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  • Baby Sheepskin Rug

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Baby Sheepskin Rug

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Baby Sheepskin Rugs ... a comforting, soothing place for baby to fall asleep.

Baby Sheepskin Rugs gently soothe and caress baby, just like a parent's loving arms. Made from 100% lambskin, trimmed short to a velvety finish, this soft and cuddly rug invites baby to safety snuggle and fall asleep surrounded by warmth and comfort. Wool is calming and soothing to baby which means most little ones will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The true beauty of a baby sheepskin rug is that the lambswool keeps your baby warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and perfectly comfortable in the spring and fall. Made from 100% medical quality sheepskin, our sheepskin baby rugs are the same as used in the neonatal intensive care nurseries throughout Australia to help soothe tiny babies when a parents loving arms cannot be close by.

Why parents love our Baby Sheepskin rugs:

  • Made from 100% lambskin, wool is soft, safe and comforting for baby.
  • Silky wool fibers are a delight to touch helping to calm and soothe colicky infants.
  • Our baby sheepskin rugs are tanned using environmentally and user-friendly tanning agents and techniques. Each rug is produced with the health of the environment and the end user in mind. 
  • Free of toxic compounds commonly found in other sheepskin rugs. You won't find phosphorines, arsines and stibines in our wool due to the safer handling and tanning of each rug.
  • Wool is naturally anti-bacterial, sanitary and hypoallergenic.
  • Our sheepskin rugs are naturally flame resistant. They are not treated with chemicals or silicone.
  • Our undyed lambskins elegant golden-yellow colour arises from the natural tanning process.
  • This velvety soft lambskin rug is trimmed close for baby's comfort and safety.
  • Short wool shorn is easy to maintain - naturally stain-resistant and no brushing required!
  • Perfect for use in strollers, cribs, bassinets, on the floor, in the playpen, or the family bed.
  • Breathable, natural materials help keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Our baby sheepskin rugs are tanned to be sanitary and clipped to comply as a medical-use skin. They appear in neonatal intensive care nurseries throughout Australia.
  • Easy to care for, our baby sheepskin rugs are machine washable on the delicate cycle (cold water recommended).
  • Great for travel! Settle baby quickly and easily while traveling, with baby's familiar bed.
  • Size: Approx. 24" x 36".
  • Made in Australia from 100% lambskin.


Sheepskin Shorn and Fiber

We have specifically chosen only short shorn lambskin rugs for baby. Our baby sheepskin rugs are tanned to be sanitary and clipped to comply as a medical-use skin. They appear in neonatal intensive care nurseries throughout Australia. They are much easier to care for than a longer shorn lambskin rug.

Short shorn lambskins do not have the matting problems that often occur of longer woolen, unshorn lambskins. The short fibers of our lambskin rugs are buoyant and resilient, creating a soft and cozy “cushion effect”.  Also, babies can not suck on the short shorn like they can on a long wool fiber. We've also been careful to source a baby sheepskin rug tanned using the most environmentally friendly and technically advanced tanning agents. This means our sheepskins for baby are being produced free of health harming chemicals that are still used in many other sheepskin rugs today. Natural coloring is also left intact so expect slight variations and a deeper yellow tone which is brought out by the tanning process.

How does a sheepskin work to keep baby cool and comfortable? 

The Sheepskin surface applys soft pressure evenly under the body, minimizing friction and pressure points common with conventional bedding. The natural wool fibers allow air to circulate freely. This creates an insulating effect that provides warm comfort for baby. Unlike synthetic fiber, the natural wool fibers will return to their original position, even after being folded, or heavily weighed upon. They also do not shed, but may have a few fibers left over from trimming when new.


The Safety of our Sheepskin Rugs

We take great pride in sourcing the best products possible for parents in Canada. Rest assured, your new sheepskin rug is free of all the below mentioned chemicals:

  • (1) Pesticides (PCP/TeCP) (Pentachlorophenols, Tetrachlorophenols)
  • (2) Organic Tin compounds
  • (3) Azo Dyestuffs
  • (4) Extractable Heavy Metals (Chrome VI, Antimony, Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Mercury)


As well, the wool on our lambskins are bleached during processing with only hydrogen peroxide -- no chlorinated chemicals are used at any stage of the tanning process. The family business behind our sheepskin rug products have been at the forefront of making sure that no heavy metals are used in the tanning process, and they have maintained these standards diligently for over 25 years. You won't be disappointed!

Customer Reviews

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  1. Great product Review by Roxie

    Perfect for keeping baby warm in the crib and great as a playmat. (Posted on 10/23/13)

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  2. 2 thumbs up Review by Jennifer

    This blanket, I saw and was drooling over after my first visit to the store. I put it on my wish list, while I was pregnant, and was very pleased when my co-workers gifted it to me at my shower. The baby is very comfortable on it, and seems to like to move her fingers on the fibres. I love that wool is naturally anti microbial, and that it doesn't contain any crap. I did have a hard time the first time I washed it, But the directions are very clearly written on the package. If I could buy one of these for me, I would!! (Posted on 11/6/13)

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