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Becopotty - The Beco Potty, Natural

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  • The Biodegradable BecoPotty
  • The Biodegradable BecoPotty

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The Biodegradable Potty

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The BecoPotty ...  the biodegradable, plantable potty.

The BecoPotty biodegradable potty is absolutely one of our most favorite products! Introduce the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle with your potty training toddler and have one less piece of plastic in your home or headed to our landfills. The Beco Potty is a rigid, plastic-like potty, but made from a special rice husk material that completely biodegrades when the potty is disposed of. The Beco Potty is just as hard wearing, hygienic and long lasting as any plastic potty - without the waste. Simply plant this potty in your garden when you're done and watch it disappear!

Why you'll love the Biodegradable Beco Potty:

  • Ergonomically designed, the Becopotty is comfortable and easy to use.
  • The high back offers extra support, while the large splash guard helps keep potty training hygienic.
  • Made from bamboo waste and rice husks, which are leftover materials from farming.
  • Our potty is not only kind on your baby, but also the environment.
  • The Beco Potty becomes a great science experiment when you are done with it! What a great way to introduce the idea of reduce, reuse, recycle with your potty training toddler. Plant it in your backyard when potty training is over, and watch it disappear!


The Beco Potty is an eco-friendly potty that is made from waste plant material (bamboo and rice husks), so while they last for years in your home they will start biodegrading as soon as you "plant" them in your garden. No more plastic potty's in our landfills with the BecoPotty.

A Becopotty starts life as bamboo waste and rice husks, which are leftover materials from farming. This natural plant fibre waste is taken and ground into a fine powder. By adding a biodegradable resin and pressing the powder in a hot mould a Becopotty is born.

The Biodegradable Potty

Around 80% of the material in this potty is made up of fibres from bamboo and rice husks. Rice husks are a by-product of rice production, so it is a great material to use as it is normally thrown away. Although you might picture bamboo as tall thin trees, it is actually a breed of grass and so grows incredible fast. This means all the bamboo we use can be sustainably grown. Both these materials are mixed with a resin created from amino acids. It is this resin that bonds all the fibres together. Importantly it also allows the mix to break down. When you place a plant fibre product in warm, damp conditions, like a compost heap or buried in the ground, the resin will start to break down. This in-turn allows the fibres to break down, eventually the product will fully biodegrade away. This process will usually take around 2 to 3 years depending on the environmental conditions.

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