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Pocket Cloth Diapers

Pocket Cloth Diapers

Pocket Cloth Diapers are modern cloth diapers at their best. Pocket cloth diapers are an all-in-one system, combining a wicking, stay-dry lining with a waterproof exterior that creates a "pocket" where you insert an absorbent material such as a prefold or other specially-formed fabric. Parents making the switch from disposables say pocket diapers make it EASY.

Pocket diapers are convenient to use, wash and dry like a dream, and keep baby feeling dry & comfortable. What more could you ask for?

Confused about which Pocket Diapers to use? Check out our Quick Comparison Chart and read more about what our customers have to say about the various brands. Ready to get started? Test and compare brands with our Dazed & Confused Pocket Package.


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