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MotherEase One Size Organic Cotton Diapers

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This knit terry is made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is becoming increasingly popular as it is grown without the use of harmful chemicals that have an adverse effect on the environment.

MotherEase cloth diapers are world-renowed, and how could they not be? MotherEase has been manufacturing cloth diapers in Canada for more than 15 years. MotherEase one-size cloth diapers are cloth diapers that will grow with your baby from newborn to potty training. With three size settings, you can quickly and easily adjust your diapers from a small to medium to large. The strategically placed snaps are meant to be manipulated to accommodate your baby's growing needs, and are reinforced for increased durability. The lightly brushed terry fabric provides your baby with a wonderful, comfortable and beautifully-fitting garment.

Why you'll love MotherEase One-Size Cloth Diapers:

  • Our most economical fitted diaper - a one-size cloth diaper that fits from 8-35 lbs.
  • Brushed terry fabric will contain even the runniest of solids.
  • Highest quality specially knit cotton fabric will retain less odors.
  • Stretchy, soft materials provide a snug fit without causing red marks.
  • Soft rib-knit binding covers the elastic at waist & leg opening protecting tender skin.
  • Excellent absorbency makes these diapers suitable for day use, heavy wetters & even overnight.
  • Snaps & durable fabric will withstand abuse from washing. These cloth diapers were made to last!
  • Sturdy plastic snaps...easy access for parents but difficult for the curious toddler.
  • Available in unbleached knit cotton terry, as well as gorgeous colors.
  • Easy care! Machine wash & dry.
  • Made in Canada.

MotherEase Cloth Diapers ... durable, reliable & economical.

An easy diapering system to use, MotherEase fitted diapers don't require any origami-style folding and pinning. These cloth diapers are an economical choice for the parents that want to use cloth, but don't have as much time to put into getting over the initial learning curve that prefolds entail. For less than $500 Canadian, you can use cloth diapers on your baby from birth to potty training with a system of MotherEase One-Size Cloth Diapers and MotherEase Air Flow Cloth Diaper Covers that is simple, easy to care for, and will last through more than one child, with proper care and laundering. 

We've used MotherEase cloth diapers in our own household for years. They are a workhorse of a cloth diaper. While MotherEase one-size cloth diapers may not win any awards for 'cute' or 'trim', if you're looking for reliable, economical and durable cloth diapers, these can't be beat. For a trimmer system that is just as durable, consider the MotherEase Sandy's Cloth Diapers - the MotherEase two-sized diapering system.

MotherEase Cloth Diapers - a leader in manufacturing.

MotherEase has been manufacturing cloth diapers since 1993. They have years of experience making cloth diapers, and it shows. The MotherEase one-size cloth diaper sets the standard for a superior fabric. Soft, durable and reliable - these cloth diapers are made to last!

An often asked question about MotherEase cloth diapers is, why do they contain polyester? Cotton is a very absorbent fiber but not very durable. Because the intent of MotherEase one-size cloth diapers is to take a child from birth to potty training, durability is essential. Cloth diapers undergo an extraordinary amount of abuse over the years they are used. Neither a baby, parent or washing machine is easy on cloth diapers!

The fabric used in MotherEase cloth diapers is custom knit specially for them. They choose to include a very small amount of polyester in the fabric's base to provide shrinkage control and ensure product longevity wash after wash. The fabric is knitted in a special way to ensure only 100% cotton touches your baby's delicate skin. With this perfect combination of strength and durability, the result is a very reliable product. The MotherEase one-size cloth diaper is one of the most durable cloth diapers we offer.

MotherEase cloth diapers are available in both unbleached and fun colours. The fabrics and bindings are custom dyed using low impact synthetic dyes. Low impact dyes have been classified by the Oeko Tex 100 standard as eco-friendly. Low impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals, require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate in fabric (less waste in the dyeing process). This is the dye of choice for many organic clothing manufacturers that want a diverse set of colours.

The inside panel of all the MotherEase cloth diapers colours remains light coloured for hygienic reasons (stool examination and urine concentration levels can be compared between diaper changes).

Frequently Asked Questions about MotherEase Cloth Diapers

Q: Is a Cloth Diaper Cover required with MotherEase cloth diapers?

A: Yes. MotherEase cloth diapers are made of an absorbent fabric inside and out, however they are not waterproof. This is where your cloth diaper covers come in. You require a waterproof exterior in order to prevent leaks and help contain any mess inside of your MotherEase cloth diapers. We highly suggest the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap for a perfect and trim fit, or a wool diaper cover for a completely natural system.

Cloth diaper covers that work best with MotherEase cloth diapers include:

MotherEase One-Size Cloth Diapers - durable, reliable & worth every penny (a review).

I've actually been using MotherEase cloth diapers for a very long time. I started out with MotherEase back in 2001 with my oldest (he's now 8 years old!). I absolutely love the quality and reliability of these diapers. There is nothing like them. I knew when we initially invested in cloth diapers my husband and I hoped to have more children, so we were looking for diapers that would stand the test of time. Our MotherEase cloth diapers are still going strong after two children. We're now diapering our third and while they are starting to look a bit worn, they are holding up amazing well considering the constant use and abuse we've put them through. I am anything but 'gentle' with the care and washing of our diapers and our MotherEase one-size diapers are taking it.

I'm now diapering a new baby and I'm impressed yet again at how well MotherEase one-size diapers fit and function. While a bit bulky on my newborn, by the time she was a few weeks old the one-size cloth diapers were fitting her well. With my great fitting diaper covers (MotherEase Air Flows, of course!) we've never, ever had a leak. My husband is very pleased about that!

MotherEase One-Size Cloth Diapers
on an 8-wk old baby girl. This is a bit bulky, but they do the job. These diapers will start to look less bulky in no time - baby's grow FAST!

Cloth Diapers made in Canada!

Cloth Diapers made in Canada!

I've tried various other styles of cloth diapers over the years and one reason I always go back to MotherEase cloth diapers is that they do not retain odors like many synthetic diapers do. They always look and smell clean out of the wash. Consider the savings with using MotherEase cloth diapers after three children, we couldn't be happier with our choice to use cloth. These cloth diapers are worth every penny!

Review by Daneila Parsons of Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) - a long time customer & tester mom who is currently enjoying MotherEase cloth diapers on her 5 month old daughter Maggie. Learn more!

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  1. Fantastic Diapers! Review by Laurie

    Love love love these diapers! MotherEase are great, they never leak, fit really well even on newborns and they are a great value for you money. I love all the cutesy patterns and colours of other diapers too (ie. happy heinys, etc.) but when it comes down to it, I don't want to spend $15+ per diaper and still have them leak at night or only fit to a certain size. I have tried others and have not found that they have the reliability of MotherEase. These diapers will cover you from newborn on and being 2in1's they do not leak at night. Love the covers too! (Posted on 8/30/10)

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