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Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers, Size 0 (Newborn)

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Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers

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Kissaluvs Packages - bundle your baby in softness.

Style Single Price Buy 6 or More Buy 12 or More
Best Value!
Unbleached $15.49 each $15.18 each $14.87 each
Colours $16.49 each $16.16 each $15.83 each

Size Weight Rise Waist Thigh
0, Newborn 5-15 lbs 11"x13" 7"-18" 4"-10"
Medium 10-25 lbs 13"-15" 11"-24" 7"-11"
Medium/Large 15-40 lbs 15"-18" 12"-30" 9"-13"

Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers ... snuggle your baby in softness.

Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers are renowned for quality, custom-loomed fabrics and a terrific fit. The Sherpa diaper fabric that makes up a Kissaluvs cloth diaper are custom-made specifically for these soft-as-a-cloud cloth diapers. Wonderfully plush, absorbent, and durable...Kissaluvs cloth diapers are just what any parent would want to snuggle their baby in. A leader in cloth diapers, Kissaluvs provide a truly leak-free cloth diapering experience when paired with a high-quality, well-fitting diaper cover, such as the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. These are not your department store brand cloth diapers.

We searched high and low to provide our customers with the perfect cotton diaper that will not discourage the average parent from trying cloth diapers. We believe to have found this in Kissaluvs cloth diapers. Kissaluvs cloth diapers are simple to use, with no folding or fuss. They snap onto a baby quickly, perfectly fit almost every baby regardless of size & shape, wash well, and are the diaper of choice for dads, grandparents and babysitters. Kissaluvs make getting started with cloth diapering FUN for all involved!

Why you'll love Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers:

  • Simply the softest, most plush sherpa fabric goes into Kissaluvs cloth diapers.
  • Beautifully textured fabrics help to contain even the runniest of solids.
  • Highest quality custom-loomed cotton for maximum absorbency.
  • Stretchy elastic & fabric for a snug fit without binding.
  • Superior construction is suitable for day use, heavy wetters & even overnight!
  • Easy to use - just Wrap & Snap.
  • Sturdy plastic snaps...easy access for parents but difficult for the curious toddler.
  • NEW! Hidden microfiber soaker in place of cotton terry means same trim fit with twice the absorbency.
  • Uniquely spaced, highly adjustable wing snaps for a perfect fit on any size baby.
  • Overlapping wings on the larger sizes for a better fit on thinner babies.
  • Unique fit with low-rise front & full coverage in back.
  • Three sizes available. This means less bulk and a trimmer fit.
  • Economical! Two sizes will generally last from birth to potty training.
  • Available in unbleached knit terry sherpa, as well as gorgeous colors.
  • Simplicity of design is especially popular with dads & babysitters.
  • Easy care - machine wash & dry.


These are all the NEW Kissaluvs v. 2.0 - same great fit, now TWICE as absorbent. The v2.0 Kissa’s now feature microfiber soakers instead of cotton terry. Since the soaker is hidden, you will not feel or see any difference in the soaker, except the marked increase in absorbency. The v2.0 have rainbow serging in the Medium and Medium/Large diapers and light brown in Size 0 (newborn), to help you differentiate the from the original.

What's so special about Kissaluvs construction?

Kissaluvs cloth diapers are not to be compared to department store cloth diapers that are typically made from thin, un-absorbent and smooth birds-eye cotton or flannel. The cotton fabric that is used in a Kissaluvs cloth diaper is the ultimate in it's class for softness, absorbency, stretchiness and durability. Kissaluvs uses custom-loomed, deep-pile sherpa (cotton fleece) that is super soft, plush and luxurious. The loops are similar to that of a terry bath towel, which help to "hold" onto runny solids and leaky messes. They will never pill, and have a touch of polyester in their base (less than 10%) that adds durability. Their unique loop and loom means ONLY soft, 100% unbleached cotton touches your baby's skin. The cotton is pre-shrunk, stain resistant and durable. It's easy to wash and care for... simply machine wash and dry. Kissaluvs colored fitted diapers all contain an unbleached cotton interior, so ONLY unbleached, undyed fabric is against your baby's delicate skin.

Newborn (size 0) Medium Medium/Large
Fits approx. 5-15 lbs Fits approx. 10-25 lbs Fits approx. 15-40 lbs

Size ranges are an approximate only. Please measure your baby for the most accurate size.

The highest quality, premium elastic is used to make up a Kissaluvs cloth diaper, and a generous amount at that. Good elastic will do wonders for a well-fitting cloth diaper! Between the generous amount of elastic used, and the extra-stretchy cotton fabric, there is almost an infinite amount of adjustments that can be made in the fit of these diapers, and thus Kissaluvs will fit a wide range of babies of many shapes and sizes. The snaps on Kissaluvs come with a life-time guarantee! You can count on Kissaluvs to fit and last for a long, long time.

Style: Fitted Cloth Diapers
Fabric Content:
Cotton sherpa, polyester core (internal)
Additional Requirements: Cloth diaper covers required.
Origin: Made in the USA.

Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers are the ultimate in their class for softness, absorbency, stretchiness and durability. Available in unbleached and gender neutral colors (Purple, Lime Green, Blue, Melon & Yellow) buy our Kissaluvs Fitted Diapers in bulk for the best value.

Kissaluvs cloth diapers for softness, fit & durability.

Kissaluvs fitted cloth diapers are unmatched in softness, fit and construction. We're told time and time again by customers how amazed they are when they get these diapers in their hands. Making one of the most perfect newborn baby diapers available, Kissaluvs cloth diapers will fit a tiny baby well when most other small diapers still overwhelm them. The stretch cotton fleece and extended snap/rise options also mean the diapers fit longer than many other cloth diapers. And for an older baby, these highly-adjustable little fitted diapers will fit any shape or size baby perfectly. Kissaluvs truly are in a class of their own.

The v2.0 Kissa’s now feature microfiber soakers instead of cotton terry. Since the soaker is hidden, you will not feel or see any difference in the soaker, except the marked increase in absorbency. The v2.0 have rainbow serging in the Medium and Medium/Large diapers and light brown in Size 0, to help you differentiate the from the original.

An easy diapering system to use, Kissaluvs fitted diapers don't require any origami-style folding and pinning. These cloth diapers are an economical choice for the parents that want to use cloth, but don't have as much time to put into getting over the initial learning curve that prefolds entail. For as little as $700 Canadian, you can use cloth diapers on your baby from birth to potty training with a system of Kissaluvs cloth diapers and Bummis Diaper Covers that is simple, easy to care for, and will last through more than one child, with proper care and laundering. Ask us how!!

Kissaluvs fit is perfect for newborn cloth diapers.

Diapering an infant can make many new parents nervous, and if you are choosing cloth, this can compound the feeling. Kissaluvs cloth diapers make the task easy with their perfectly designed newborn-sized cloth diaper. Kissaluvs newborn cloth diapers (size 0) feature a snap-down umbilical cord zone, protecting this delicate area exceptionally well. Two rows of snaps give them an adjustable rise which is especially important for the fast growth of a newborn. Soft, stretchy elastic at the legs and back contain leaky messes, and the generous amount of premium elastic used protects a newborn babies skin from red marks. The shape of a Kissaluvs newborn diaper has been specially designed with a newborn in mind with a narrow crotch width for your baby's comfort, and a higher cut back to avoid the "blow outs" typical of disposable diapers and cloth diapers of a lesser quality fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers

Q: Is a Cloth Diaper Cover required with Kissaluvs cloth diapers?

A: Yes. Kissaluvs cloth diapers are made of an absorbent fabric inside and out, however they are not waterproof. This is where your cloth diaper covers come in. You require a waterproof exterior in order to prevent leaks and help contain any mess inside of your Kissaluvs cloth diapers. We highly suggest the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap for a perfect and trim fit, or a wool diaper cover for a completely natural system. The Bummis Original diaper cover is not recommend with Kissaluvs.

Cloth diaper covers that work best with Kissaluvs cloth diapers include:

Q: Cloth diaper my baby from birth to toddler for only $700? HOW?!?

A: EASY! If you're looking for a super easy yet economical cloth diapering system that will WORK and not leave you discouraged with continuing, Kissaluvs are a sure bet. You will need a bare minimum of 24 size medium diapers, and 18-24 size large diapers. Add to that 12 Bummis Whisper Pants (4 small, 4 medium, 4 large) and you're good to go. This is just over $700 Canadian, and the only thing you're missing is the diaper pail (any garbage can will do!). Don't forget, you don't need to spend this all at once, either. You can space your purchases out over the course of 4-8 months, depending on the growth of your baby. In fact, we don't recommend purchaseing size large until your baby actually needs them. Many parents will find their baby potty learns before every using the larger size! This means you'll save EVEN MORE with Kissaluvs cloth diapers, as 24-36 size Medium diapers may work for you the entire time your baby is in using diapers.

Keep in mind that this is the BARE MINIMUM suggested. If you are on a tight budget, this system will work quite well. Most parents find, however, that an extra 12 diapers during the first 8 months come in handy, as this is the time a baby will need to be changed more often. If bulk will be a problem for you, you may wish to make these 12 extra diapers the newborn size. Kissaluvs newborn diapers provide the perfect fit on any newborn with less bulk than most other fitted cloth diapers. Also, an extra 2 covers in each size are generally recommended, just in case one is soiled or in the wash. This way there isn't as strong an urgency to do the laundry right away, as you will always have a few extra diapers and covers on hand. ;-)

Kissaluvs fitted diapers are a great diapering system in and of themselves, but if you are trying to save even more money, they can be used to supplement another system. For example, if you choose to use the most economical cloth diapers the majority of time, unbleached prefolds, consider keeping a few Kissaluvs fitted diapers in the diaper bag, for faster nighttime diaper changes, and for babysitters & grandparents.

Q: Are Kissaluvs an absorbent cloth diaper?

A: Yes, Kissaluvs are created with an absorbent, high-quality cotton fabric that is custom loomed specially for these diapers. They are as absorbent as a cotton diaper can get with their deep pile fabric and long weave loops. These are, however, REAL cotton diapers, which means they do require frequent changings, generally as soon your baby wets them. As your baby grows, a doubler may be required at nap-time and overnight in order to increase the absorbency during these longer periods of time. We recommend our Hemp/Cotton Doublers or Hemp/Cotton Inserts for this purpose. You might also try a hemp fitted diaper, such as our One-Size Hemp Diapers, when you need maximum absorbency and extra protection for overnights or for a heavy wetting, older baby.

The cotton fleece and unbleached fabric that makes up a Kissaluvs cloth diaper require at least 3-4 HOT washes to strip away the natural oils that are present and "prep" the diapers for use. They will not reach their maximum absorbency until at least 3-6 washes.

Q: Why does it seem as though the tag of a Kissaluvs cloth diaper is on the outside?

A: This is how Kissaluvs cloth diapers have been designed. When you put on a Kissaluvs cotton diaper the tag goes on the outside of the back, in order to avoid rubbing or irritating delicate and sensitive baby skin.

A Customer Reviews Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers

Kissaluvs cloth diapers are the softest cloth diapers I have ever tried! If you haven't had the chance to feel and touch one, I would say it makes ALL the difference in the world. I bought these diapers for my newborn, and I couldn't have been happier with them. We used them almost exclusively for his first few months and they were so easy to use, even my husband enjoyed cloth diapering from the beginning. Because we had to change our newborn often, Kissaluvs made the job so easy.

We tried many other types of fitted diapers when we first got started with cloth diapering and none compared to Kissaluvs. I went on a bit of a spending spree before my son was born, and had to have at least one of everything. It was less than two weeks before all of our other cloth diapers were tossed aside and we went with only Kissaluvs and our Bummis covers. These really work, and I can't imagine using anything else!

Kissaluvs cloth diapers made welcoming our new little bundle of joy into the world so wonderful. I'm actually excited when it comes times to change my son's diapers! The cushy, plush fabric is extra gentle on my baby boy's skin, and they are just so cute on his little bum. These are a great, lightweight cloth diaper that are well made and well priced. I just love how cuddly they are! It's amazing how much joy one can get from wrapping their baby in a cloth diaper.

This review was submitted by Carol Manning of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) who is enjoying the use of Kissaluvs on her son Haden. Learn more!

Customer Reviews

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  1. Great diaper Review by Kim

    These diapers are leak-proof, easy to wash, they wash clean and they're more economical than other choices. We bought a number of different diapers to try and these and the Sugarpeas are my favourites (and we tried fancier, more expensive diapers). I also have less blowouts than friends using disposables. As for wetness, any cloth diaper should be changed as soon as it is wet to avoid irritation. (Posted on 12/11/10)

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? Without hesitation!

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    (196 of 397 people found this review helpful)
  2. Great diaper Review by Eleanor

    I thought these were great diapers- absorbent and held in messes. Like any terrycloth-style diaper, there can be some extra work involved in getting poop out. Only thing I have to say against these is that they didn't fit my kids very long at all- the diapers are sized to have a short rise, and as both my kids were tall, they fit less time than I anticipated. Otherwise great, and I think if I'd known I would have just sized up. (Posted on 1/2/11)

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    (210 of 414 people found this review helpful)
  3. Best newborn diaper Review by CINDY

    This is by far my favourite newborn diaper. It fits perfectly right from the start, even with newborn chicken legs!! I like to pair it with a Thirsties cover and it is bulletproof for runny breastfed poops. (Posted on 1/3/11)

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? Without hesitation!

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    (221 of 443 people found this review helpful)
  4. LOVE THESE!!! Review by tm

    These are my favorite diapers..I love them! They hold in the most explosive poop without a leak. I use a Bummi's flushable liner and cleaning up runny poop is easy with a diaper sprayer. My son is a heavy nighttime wetter and these work great for him. (Posted on 1/10/11)

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? Without hesitation!

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    (215 of 424 people found this review helpful)
  5. Wings really stretchy, holds poop in really well, hard to wash Review by Miranda

    I like having some pre-fitted diapers around - but I have to say that these are not my favourite. I find them bulkier than my modified prefolds, but I love that they hold the poop in and I can sometimes reuse my Whisper Wrap. The one thing I like the least about these is that they are hard to wash - if the poop is soft but not runny it will cling to the fabric. With the mini diaper sprayer it does come off, but it takes a little more time. I also don't like that the pee will sit by my son's legs (since the fabric wraps around) and if I don't change him soon enough he gets red on the legs where the diaper was touching. I have to change him more often. I'd really like to put an extra insert in there to keep more of the pee in the middle but then the diaper would be way to bulky and his pants wouldn't fit. I do like that the wings are super stretchy. (Posted on 6/12/10)

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? In the right circumstance.

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    (215 of 425 people found this review helpful)
  6. Good fit but rough Review by Bee

    I bought these in the smallest size just in case our little one came out small... which he did! When they arrived I thought they were fantastic. Well made with soft terry cloth, but once I washed them to prepare them they became rough instantly. I figured I was just being picky, but then I guess our little guy was too because he shrieked when I put them on, and even worse the instant they got wet... and man did they get heavy and even rougher as soon as they got wet! I guess I can see them working for others, but they didn't work for us.

    A note from Thanks for your review! Diapers becoming "rough" after just a few washes is not common, but may be attributed to detergent or hard water residue. It's possible a tweak to your washing routine could improve this. Please don't hesitate to contact us for guidance. (Posted on 11/2/11)

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    (156 of 326 people found this review helpful)
  7. Not our favourite Review by Megan_Pow

    I wanted to love these, but I really didn't. Maybe it's just the fitted diapers I can't get past, but I just always felt like my son was still soaked in urine when I changed him. I much preferred the Bummis prefolds or Tots Bots Tini Fits when he was a newborn. They were much more absorbent and he seemed to like them much better. I also noticed he got a bit red whenever he wore the Kissaluvs, and we never had problems with any other diapers in this area.

    We had planned on using these exclusively for the first couple of months but decided to try out a couple of them first and I'm really glad we did since neither my husband or I were big fans of them. Also, the older he got, we found the less mess they contained - I always seemed to have leaking with these whenever he had a bowel movement. (Posted on 3/4/12)

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    (152 of 299 people found this review helpful)

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