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Spa Baby European Tummy Tub Bathtub

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  • Spa Baby European Tummy Tub Bathtub
  • Spa Baby European Tummy Tub Bathtub

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Spa Baby European Bathtub

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The Spa Baby European Baby Bathtub ... nearly as nice as mummy's tummy.

The Spa Baby Bathtub is the natural way to bathe your baby. A baby bathtub shaped like mummy's tummy, babies love the feeling of security and confinement that this tummy tub affords. Spa Baby bathtub lets your baby bathe in a natural upright position, much like the way they spent their first nine months. The position a baby adapts in the Spa Baby recreates the feeling of being back in mother's womb. A wonderful gift, new parents can now easily and effortly bathe their newborn with the tub babies love.

Why you and your baby will love the Spa Baby Bathtub:

  • Bath time enjoyment from birth in a safe, calming & stress-free environment.
  • Babies feel reassured and relaxed in the familiar fetal position.
  • Eases transition from the womb to the real world.
  • Helps babies settle & sleep. Excellent for colicky babies!!
  • The Spa Baby Tub is especially beneficial for premature babies.
  • Baby can be immersed in water up to shoulders and will remain warmer longer.
  • Parents can enjoy stress-free bathing!
  • Compact design with easy handling complete with ergonomic hand grips for carrying.
  • Lightweight even when full (important for new mothers!)
  • Safe & stable with an anti-skid base and low center of gravity.
  • Safe, simple & practical!
  • Flow back handles keep splashes in!
  • Womb-like design endorsed by doctors, midwives & pediatric professionals.
  • Takes up less space, uses less water & saves energy!
  • Fully recyclable, environmentally friendly materials used.
  • Now made in Canada!


The Spa Baby European Baby Bathtub comes in a fabulous sea green colour and makes a gorgeous shower gift. It is completely safe, non-toxic and recyclable with no BPA or PVCs. It has a wide stable base and fabulous flow back handles for easy and secure bathing.

Easy to use - no more startling baby in the calming Spa Baby Tub.

We've had a few questions about how to wash your baby in the Spa Baby tub. Notably, how do you reach the baby's bum? Due to the unique shape of the Spa Baby tub, when bathing your baby they "float" in the water. You are able to use this buoyancy to raise baby up off the bottom of tub effortlessly which allows you to slide your arm any way around the tub and under baby with ease. No more startling your little one as you flip them over your arm to reach their backside! You baby moves softly and gently as you glide your hand and washcloth around and under them to get them clean. Your baby never leaves the warmth and comfort of the water when in the Spa Baby Tub. It really is relaxing and calming for them - just like a baby spa!

Shipping Note: A minimum shipping surcharge applies to this item when shipped outside of Ontario. Additional shipping charges may be applicable.

The Spa Baby Tub is MORE than a Baby Bathtub

The Spa Baby Tub is not purely designed to help make bathing baby easier, although this is clearly a great advantage. It is designed to help ease the transition for a newborn having just come from the security of the womb to a strange, new environment. Developed with European baby bathtubs in mind, the Spa Baby Tub enables your baby to re-live the security of the womb. This means your baby will feel more comfortable when being bathed in the Spa Baby Tub, and is more likely to actually ENJOY bath time. Your baby will naturally adopt the familiar and reassuring foetal position in the Spa Baby Tub, and it has been found that it is an excellent aid for colicky and premature babies. The Spa Baby baby bathtub means stress-free bathing for mom, dad AND baby! Everyone will enjoy the Spa Baby Tub!

TummyTub Tummy Tub Baby Bathtub
The Spa Baby European Bathtub makes bathtime fun and easy!


Using the Spa Baby Bathtub is Easy

  1. Find a flat stable surface for your tub that is comfortable for you. Try out different locations such as the kitchen sink, table or bathroom countertop before using the tub, to find out what is best/most comfortable for you.
  2. Ensure all bathing items are at hand, including towels, baby wash, wash cloth and/or small cup.
  3. Water level - the goal is to have water up to chest level to keep your baby warm, especially with newborns who get cold easily. TIP for first time users ­ Since babies vary a lot in size and shape, you may need to adjust the amount of water in the tub. Start by filling to the top of the fill line on the side. Make sure you have additional warm water ready to add, until you learn the correct level for your baby.
  4. Use water that feels warm. Always test water temperature with the inside of your elbow or wrist.


Bummis SWW White

5. Place your baby into the tub and support under their chin. During bath it is best to support your baby at all times. Keep baby’s face above the water level at all times. NEVER leave your baby alone in the tub.
Bummis SWW Froggy Pond

To wash your baby's backside easily, scoop them out of the water a little, with their belly on your forearm.

After bath empty tub — never leave a full tub unattended!


Never leave your baby alone in the tub.
Always hold your baby until they can sit unassisted, and then keep within arm's reach.
Competent adult supervision is required at all times.

Tummy Tub Baby Bathtub

Babies LOVE the Spa Baby European Bathtub!

A Note about Shipping the Spa Baby Bathtub: Due to the excess size and bulk, a shipping & handling surcharge will be added to the cost of this item, in addition to regular shipping charges. For shipping to MOST major cities in Canada, this will cover the cost of shipping. Extra shipping charges may apply to remote locations in Canada. An adjusted invoice will follow your order if this is the case. You will not be overcharged for shipping! If you wish a shipping quote before purchasing your Spa Baby Tub, please email us with your postal code and we will advise you on what the shipping charges will be.

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