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Tummy Tub (TummyTub) Bathtub

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  • Tummy Tub (TummyTub) Bathtub

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Tummy Tub (TummyTub) Bathtub

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Nearly as nice as mummy's tummy!

The Tummy Tub Baby Bathtub is the natural way to bathe your baby. Babies love the feeling of security and confinement that the TummyTub affords. The position a baby adapts in the Tummy Tub recreates the feeling of being back in mother's womb. A wonderful gift for any new mother.

A Note about Shipping the TummyTub:Due to the excess size and bulk of the Tummy Tub, a shipping & handling surcharge will be added to the cost of this item, in addition to regular shipping charges. For shipping to MOST major cities in Canada, this will cover the cost of shipping the TummyTub. Extra shipping charges may apply to remote locations in Canada. An adjusted invoice will follow your order if this is the case. You will not be overcharged for shipping! If you wish a shipping quote before purchasing your Tummy Tub, please email us with your postal code and we will advise you on what the shipping charges will be.

The TummyTub is extremely lightweight, weighing approximately 600g and is 13" deep and 15.5" at its widest point. Made in Germany, the simplicity of design of the TummyTub is second to none. This is the ORIGINAL European Baby Bathtub.

Size: 13" deep, 15.5" at widest point.
Weight: 600g
Shipping: A minimum shipping surcharge applies to this item when shipped outside of Ontario. Additional shipping charges may be applicable.

The Tummy Tub (TummyTub) ... nearly as nice as mummy's tummy.

The TummyTub (Tummy Tub) is a baby bathtub that is both simple and revolutionary. The nautral way to bathe your baby, the TummyTub was designed in the Netherlands by professional caregivers to ease the transition from the comfort of the mother's womb to their new world. Due to the unique shape of the Tummy Tub, babies will naturally adopt the fetal position and it is truly amazing to see how quickly they calm and relax! Developed with and endorsed by physicians, midwives, psychologists and pediactic health care professionals, the benefits of the TummyTub are acknowledged by more than 600,000 parents worldwide.

It's the unique shape and size of the TummyTub baby bathtub that make it extraordinarily special. The upward pressure (buoyancy) of the water in the bathtub allows your baby to virtually "float" in the water. Your baby feels almost weightless when swimming in the TummyTub. The lightest support is needed from mom or dad when bathing in the Tummy Tub - one hand at the base of your baby's neck and the other under the chin mean baby can really relax and feel at ease. You little one is not flailing about always trying to find comfort or security as the confined nature of the TummyTub means they can touch the walls of the bathtub from all angles. The TummyTub really is a remarkable advancement in baby bathtubs!.

The TummyTub is MORE than a Baby Bathtub

The Tummy Tub is not purely designed to help make bathing baby easier, although this is clearly a great advantage. It is designed to help ease the transition for a newborn having just come from the security of the womb to a strange, new environment. Developed in cooperation with midwives in Europe, the Tummy Tub enables your baby to re-live the security of the womb. This means your baby will feel more comfortable when being bathed in the TummyTub, and is more likely to actually ENJOY bath time. Your baby will naturally adopt the familiar and reassuring foetal position in the TummyTub, and it has been found that it is an excellent aid for colicky and premature babies. The TummyTub baby bathtub means stress-free bathing for mom, dad AND baby! Everyone will enjoy the TummyTub!

Designed for use with babies during their first year (although also suitable for older children!), the TummyTub transports easily and is more compact than your standard baby bathtub. Babies love the feeling of security and confinement that the TummyTub affords. The position a baby adapts in the Tummy Tub recreates the feeling of being back in mother's womb and baby is free to move its legs and arms without loosing its sense of security. This is a total contrast compared to bathing in a conventional bath in which the baby has to be held in an unnatural position and is restricted in its movements by the hands of the parent. Another difference is that your baby will remain warmer in the TummyTub due to it's unique shape and size. You'll need less water with the TummyTub than conventional baby bathtubs and the water that is used will stay warmer while your bathing your baby. Not to mention that less water means the TummyTub is lighter and easier to carry than traditional baby bathtubs - this is particularly important the first few weeks after giving birth.

Using the Tummy Tub Baby Bathtub is Easy!

Tummy Tub - TummyTub

Do you think you can do this with a regular bucket?

Use the link below to read why this would not be safe or recommended and if you need to see to believe, watch the amazing TummyTub video!

Learn more about the revolutionary design of the TummyTub

Customer Reviews

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  1. A must have!! Review by Aileen

    I started using this tub when my little Oliver was only 2 wks old (with husband's help), now he's 3 months and he just enjoy his bath before bedtime. What makes it better than a plain old tub? Its easy to drain, it fits a baby just perfectly, uses a lil bit of water, and it has a non slip rubber on the bottom (barely need it due to the perfect size). (Posted on 11/11/14)

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  2. I love it. Review by Vanessa

    This was one of the first things I had bought for my baby a little over a year ago when I was expecting. He is now a pretty small 10 month old and still is unable to sit up on his own and stay seated without me supporting his body.

    I love the Tummy tub and so does he. He splashes around while keeping a great little grin on his face. I still place it on my bathroom counter, and he stands up while I wash his little bottom and then he sits for the rest of his bath.

    When he was newborn, it took only one bath for him to get used to it. For quite awhile in the earlier months he would scream and carry on whenever I would take him out of the Tummy tub.

    I probably will have to start putting him in a regular tub soon, but for now we will keep on using it.
    (Posted on 1/31/11)

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