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Organic Cotton CuddlyWrap, Burnt Orange

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Organic Cotton CuddlyWrap

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Baby Slings, Baby Carriers in Canada

The CuddlyWrap 100% ORGANIC Cotton ... cuddle your baby in comfort.

The CuddlyWrap ORGANIC Baby Carrier Wrap allows parents, grandparents and caregivers a wonderful opportunity to do more than simply carry a newborn. Every baby loves (and needs!) to be held, and with the CuddlyWrap you can snuggle and cuddle while keeping your baby content, safe and secure - all while going about your daily activities. The CuddlyWrap baby carrier is by far the most comfortable baby carrier wrap we have found for a newborn. Made in Canada, this wrap-style baby carrier is created using a buttery-soft 100% ORGANIC cotton fabric that is just scrumptious. You and your baby will LOVE the closeness and comfort the CuddlyWrap offers.

Why you & your baby will love the Organic CuddlyWrap Baby Wrap:

  • Unbelievably buttery soft & comfortable to wear - the perfect fabric for a newborn.
  • 100% ORGANIC cotton is custom made - lightweight & breathable, just like a favorite t-shirt.
  • Comfortable for the wearer! An ergonomic carrier that evenly distributes baby's weight across your body.
  • Hands-free design allows you to be active with ease & comfort.
  • A favorite for a the comfort & security of a newborn - a popular shower gift.
  • One-size-fits all allows adults of all shapes & sizes to wear the same carrier.
  • No age restrictions! Designed to carry a newborn to a toddler that is over 30 lbs.
  • Detailed tying instructions included with each CuddlyWrap outlining the ever-so-popular classic cuddle.
  • Correctly supports the developing curves of a  young spine.
  • Provides a unique opportunity for bonding with your baby.
  • The CuddlyWrap easily packs small enough to tuck into a diaper bag.
  • INCLUDES instructional, step-by-step DVD.
  • Machine washable.
  • Created and manufactured by moms in Canada.


The CuddlyWrap baby wrap provides you with a hands-free way to hug your newborn close, recreating the womb-like environment they have grown to associate with safety and security. It is a stretchy wrap-style baby carrier, designed to move with you and your baby. The softness and stretch of the high-quality fabric used for the CuddlyWrap is secure, yet not restrictive. The strength is in the fabric and the security is in the way the CuddlyWrap is tied.  It is the perfect weight - cool and breathable for the summer months, but versatile enough to be worn over bulky clothing during colder times of the year.

The CuddlyWrap is a simple piece of cloth that is wide through the middle and tapers at the ends for easy tying. It is designed around one of the oldest traditions of baby carrying. Wrapping your newborn to your body, mother (or father!) and baby become one. There are no seams, buckles, rings or clasps on the Cuddly Wrap to irritate you or your little one, making this a particularly popular baby carrier to use with a newborn.

The CuddlyWrap is so versatile! It's easy to change your baby's position without needing to retie the CuddlyWrap baby wrap due to the stretchy fabric. The long length of the wrap allows users of ALL shapes and sizes to experience the joy of wearing baby and also makes it possible for most adults to use it over heavier outerwear in colder weather. A baby wrap is perfect for a winter in Canada!

Unlike most other baby carriers, the Organic CuddlyWrap baby wrap  is suitable for tiny newborns and premature babies because you adjust the size of the baby carrier to fit YOU and your infant. Easy to use and very comfortable, this cuddly wrap can also be used for parents and caregivers who may have particular needs themselves, such as chronic low back pain, MS, ALS or other conditions that result in decreased strength and endurance. This is a favorite baby carrier for older family members! Grandparents just LOVE using the CuddlyWrap as it provides them with a unique opportunity to bond with their grand-baby and allows for an immediate connection with an infant.

Tying the CuddlyWrap baby wrap is easy, but may take a bit of practice at first. The first few times you use the CuddlyWrap, you may find it helpful to watch yourself in the mirror as you place your baby in the wrap. This will help you to ensure proper positioning and fanning of the fabric. After a few practice runs, you will be tying your new CuddlyWrap like a pro.

The CuddlyWrap makes a GREAT Gift!

Unique, practical, versatile and one-size-fits-all - the CuddlyWrap is a favorite baby gift for the new or expecting mother.  The CuddlyWrap is a number one pick among parents and grandparents to give for a new baby or shower gift. Many parents don't know what they would have done without their baby carrier, and they love to pass on the joy they received from their own wrapping and carrying experience. No need to worry about size! Easily adjustable to different users, the CuddlyWrap can be shared by mom, dad, grandparents and caregivers alike - even older siblings can experience the joy of the CuddlyWrap! Now included with each CuddlyWrap is an amazing step-by-step DVD outlining wearing instructions so that any parent new to wrapping will be able to learn the joy of babywearing with ease. This is one gift that will be loved and well-used in any family!

We didn't think the CuddlyWrap could get any BETTER, but it has! Now included with each purchase, the CuddlyWrap comes complete with a step-by-step tri-lingual (English, French, Spanish) instructional DVD outlining Basic Tying, the Newborn Cuddle and more. This DVD is the perfect addition to an already amazing product! Printed instructions are also included with every baby carrier.

Made in Canada from 100% Organic Cotton.

A Calming, Soothing Environment for your Newborn

Karen Na from Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) asks us...

Q: What age is the CuddlyWrap best suited for?

A: We highly recommend the CuddlyWrap baby carrier for use with a newborn or young baby. It is the most versatile baby carrier for this age and stage. The buttery soft fabric literally hugs your body and your newborn together for a completely comfortable 'cuddle' that newborns are accustomed to, after having been in the womb for the past nine months. The stretchy nature of this baby carrier wrap makes it easy to learn how to use and tie, particularly for a beginner new to wrapping. A wrap-style baby carrier allows for a completely hands-free experience as it provides good head support  while supporting a young infants developing spine in the safest and healthiest way possible.

For a mother that would like to breastfeed, the CuddlyWrap helps with this stage. The fabric of a baby wrap can be used to support an infant's head that lacks neck control so nursing hands free in the CuddlyWrap can be achieved with ease and comfort. Providing security and privacy, the fabric of the CuddlyWrap can also be used as a lightweight cover-up to aid in discreet nursing. La Leche League Canada has recognized stretchy-wrap style baby carriers as a helpful and supportive accessory for the nursing mother. Breastfeeding is possible with your baby directly in the baby carrier, or, if you need to remove your baby, you can feed your infant without removing the CuddlyWrap. When your baby is removed from the carrier, the CuddlyWrap wears like a piece of clothing - ready again for your baby at any given moment.

Although we highly recommended the CuddlyWrap for the newborn stage, the completely ergonomic design of this baby carrier wrap means that there are no limits on the amount of time your baby can spend wrapped up with you - there are no age or weight restrictions. Suitable for newborns to toddlers, the CuddlyWrap baby carrier can be used as long as you and your baby/child are comfortable. When wrapped securely, your baby's weight is distributed evenly across your body allowing anyone to carry baby without any stress or strain. There is enough width in the middle of the CuddlyWrap to be used with older babies and toddlers on your back.

We are often asked about the 'stretch' factor of a stretchy baby wrap, and how well this will work with an older, heavier baby. This is simply a matter of adjusting the tying position higher above the waist and more snug to your body. This will help to accommodate the increasing weight of your baby as they grow. However, if you are an active parent looking for a  wrap that will provide less 'bounce' with an older or heavier child, we would recommend a wrap such as the Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid or the Wrapsody Bali Breeze.

What does "organic cotton" mean?

A: Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic farmers use biologically-based rather than chemically-dependent growing systems to raise crops. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture. Third-party certification organizations verify that organic producers use only methods and materials allowed in organic production.

Certification also must continue throughout all phases of the manufacturing process. Each step must use only materials (dyes, bleaches, etc.) that meet organic specifications.

Organic cotton used in the production of CuddlyWraps is inspected and certified by TDA or IFOAM accredited agencies, such as Skal, IMO and Agreco. Low impact reactive and vat dyes used in the fabric meet ETAD and Oeko-Tex 100 Standards.

Why go organic?

A: Conventional cotton farming is one of agriculture's most environmentally destructive activities. The amount of pesticides and other chemicals used in conventional practices of growing cotton make it among the largest polluters of the environment and affects the health of the workers using these products. The process of transitioning traditional cotton fields to organic takes three years to clear the fields of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers so that the cotton can be certified as organic.

It is estimated that it takes well over two pounds of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to produce the cotton for one non-organic CuddlyWrap.

The chemicals used in the processing of the cotton fiber into yarn and fabric, and traditional dyeing, are also harmful to the environment. Organic cotton produces a softer, stronger product because the cotton fibers are not subjected to harsh chemicals in processing and dyeing.

A Customer Reviews The CuddlyWrap...

When I first saw the CuddlyWrap it was on a friend of mine who had just given birth to her little boy. When I saw her wrap up her infant in it, I was quite overwhelmed. Catching my glace, she offered to let me try it out on my own son, who was 3 months old at the time. I watched again in awe, as she demonstrated the tying technique with her infant. When she offered the wrap to me, she took me step-by-step through the process of wrapping the carrier on myself. It really was such a simple concept! Just one long piece of cotton - tied comfortably, yet snugly on my body - the Cuddly Wrap was set to go. My friend helped me tuck my son into the folds of the fabric and ensured he was secure. I was just amazed! Belly to belly, my son was snug and safe, and I was SO comfortable! There was no bulk on my tiny frame, and there were no rings, snaps or buckles digging into me or my son. My friend is quite a bit larger than I am in size, yet the extra fabric was tucked away so that it was out of my way and not the least bit bulky. Gazing down at my tiny boy, the moment was magical. I went out that afternoon and bought one for the two of us to use, and use it we have! We use our CuddlyWrap almost everyday and I couldn't imagine life without it. My only regret is that I didn't know about this carrier when he was first born. We have gotten many, many months use out of it, however, as the CuddlyWrap stretches accordingly with my child's growth. My son is now reaching 25 lbs and we have just put our CuddlyWrap aside to be used on baby number two. Whenever I hear of a friend or family member that is pregnant, this is the first item I buy for them. Having this carrier from day one would have relieved me of so much stress and allowed me to maintain my freedom as an individual, while still being there 100% for my infant. I want ALL the mothers I know to experience the joy, freedom and COMFORT of the CuddlyWrap

This review was submitted by Carolyn Heart of Ajax, Ontario (Canada) who is now happily using her CuddlyWrap on her second child, a little girl, named Annie.

Customer Reviews

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  1. I love my CuddlyWrap! Review by Katherine

    I have major back issues and my CuddlyWrap is the only way I can carry my 6 month old daughter for extended periods of time. It distributes her weight evenly across my shoulders and waist and is so comfortable. She loved snuggling face-in when she was younger, and now she likes to face out and see the world!

    There is definitely a learning curve with tying the wrap properly and it is maybe not quite as convenient as a sling or structured carrier for getting baby into when you're out, but to me the comfort is worth a little more effort. I would suggest practising with the wrap and a doll or teddy bear before trying to put your baby in it for the first time. The instructional DVD that came with it was very helpful.

    I also love that it is organic and made in Canada. (Posted on 7/1/10)

    Would you recommend this product to a friend? Without hesitation!

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  2. Best Baby Item we own! Review by Erin

    I got this from a friend as a hand-me-down, but it's so great I have to write a review. It is by far the best baby item we own, and the most useful!

    After tying the wrap on in the morning, I leave it on all day and can take the baby in and out within seconds. When she's nestled in there, she'll stay comfortable for a couple of hours at a time while I walk around and do errands. And she can pop her head out to look around; when she falls asleep it's easy to tuck her head in to keep it secure. Not only that but I can nurse her without taking her out of the sling.

    I initially bought myself a soft-buckle carrier, thinking it would be way easier and quicker than figuring out one of these wraps. I was sure wrong about that. There is a bit of a learning curve with this wrap but after figuring it out, I find I choose it over my buckle carrier every time. I leave the wrap on my body all day, so taking the baby in and out is quick and easy. It is much faster than the buckle carrier. And it's more comfortable to wear for long walks. I also get a lot of comments about how unique it is and (this may be my opinion) but I think it looks pretty fashionable too. I have the tan one and it looks good with everything I wear.

    Put in the effort to learn how to use this - it's awesome! (Posted on 5/8/12)

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  3. Comfy, stylish, and more Review by Jen

    The fabric is VERY soft and stretches perfect. I loved the colour choice but it was a bit pricey. There are definitely other carriers out there that do the job and I admit I own some for quick convenience but I still prefer this wrap. It's especially great for newborns since it's easy to give baby extra head support and coverage for feedings. I know carriers say don't bend over with baby in them but I was totally confident in the cuddlywrap's support and YES I do laundry with baby in. I bought this with baby #1 and currently on baby #2 with it. It's definitely easy to wash compared to other wraps.

    The DVD did a good job of explaining though I admit I watched it more then once. I don't like that the edges drag if you are by your car putting it on to get baby out but I often solved this by putting it on me Before leaving the house so its ready to go, it kinda looks like a nifty tee if you put it on just right.

    Like another reviewer said its nice not to have buckles. My baby now when I use my other carrier gets folded ears, minimal head support when asleep in it, over heads, and buckles in her face...all things she doesn't get with this wrap.

    Honestly, I used my other carriers when she was born and wished for a better one and a sling too and realized I already had everything I wanted in this wrap and feel in love with it all over again. (Posted on 8/21/13)

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