Baby Carriers Keep Your Baby Close - Advantages of Babywearing

10 Reasons Parents Are Choosing to Carry their Babies

  1. Practical - You can attend to other children as well as taking care of yourself.
  2. Convenient - Hands free means you can get on with life, breastfeed discreetly, and keep moving.
  3. Freedom - Baby can go anywhere you can go - climbing stairs, hiking a mountain trail, walking along a sandy beach, or moving through airport security. You have none of the juggling and struggling of a stroller.
  4. Safety - You know your baby is safe when you are out and about, because you never take your eye off your baby.
  5. Comfort - You get the physical comfort of closeness, and both adult and baby have more confidence.
  6. Bonding - When you spend time close to your baby, you become attuned to one another.
  7. Health - Not only is a carried baby happier, but studies show less crying and better sleep in babies that are carried. 1
  8. Development - Babywearing helps a child's physical, emotional, and mental development. 2
  9. Style - With such a variety of baby carriers and baby slings available, you are sure to find a great carrier that fits your style.
  10. Fun! - While babywearing, your baby is within easy kissing and cuddling distance. (That's our favorite!)

1. Practical

Care for older children. Your other obligations don't stop when your baby arrives. With the little baby in a baby carrier, you can attend to other children - play with a toddler or hold hands with an older child while crossing the street.

Take care of yourself. Have you ever wondered how you would ever again get a chance to brush your teeth or comb your hair now that you have a new baby? It can be tough taking care of yourself when you have a newborn. Wearing your baby gives her something interesting to focus on (you!), and you can go about your business. Take care of two needs with one baby carrier. Very practical.

2. Convenient

Get on with life. Having hands free means you can do what you need to do. Breastfeeding in a baby sling is definitely the lazy way - in a good way, of course! Whether you are picking up baby toys, starting a load of laundry, walking to a meeting, or teaching a class, your baby can come with you. Your baby is snug, and you can be active if you need to be.

Rocking movement helps with naps. The movement of your daily chores can rock your baby to sleep; the continued rocking can keep your baby happily napping.

Compact. Some baby carriers, slings and pouches in particular, fold up so small that you can easily carry them in a purse or diaper bag when not in use. Easy on, easy off. Just what you need.

3. Freedom

Travel anywhere you can walk. Having a baby shouldn't keep you from going anywhere you want to go - hiking a mountain trail, walking along a sandy beach, climbing stairs, or moving through airport security. When you are wearing your baby securely, you have none of the juggling and struggling you would with a stroller.

No bulky stroller. Travel can be a big issue with a baby when you have a stroller to lug around. Or, if you do want to push a stroller, it can carry the giant diaper bag and the shopping bags while you keep your baby close. Would you rather have your baby closer or your diaper bag?

Let baby be private. If your baby is snuggled up to you, you can feel confident moving around even in crowded public places, where your baby carrier will protect your baby from the germs and curiosity of strangers. You and your baby decide when to be social or to be private.

You're free! Move around. Go out. No guilt. A modern parent has the freedom to go where she wants to and where she needs to WITH her baby.

4. Safety

Close is safe. You know your baby is safe when you are out and about, because you never take your eye off of him. If you visit friends who don't have children, they may not have a clue about baby proofing. When you baby feels like he's part of the conversation, you can keep him interested in the middle of the adult action.

Sheltered from weather. Rather than having your baby exposed to the elements, you can hold him close and keep him warm in the rain and snow.

5. Comfort

Confidence. You get the physical comfort of closeness, and both adult and baby have more confidence.

Soothing for baby. Your movement has a calming influence on your baby. Your baby knows and wants the sound of your voice nearby.

Comforted by people not things. As you become expert and your baby carrier becomes just another parenting tool, it is less about the carrier and more about you and your baby. Your baby will be comforted by people not things.

Safe haven. If the world around you is very stimulating, this can cause stress in your baby. With the help of the baby carrier, your arms are your baby's safe haven. Baby feels secure and calm near you.

6. Bonding

Become attuned. When you spend time close to your baby, you become attuned to one another. The better you understand your baby's moods and needs, the more easily you know when he wants to get a snack, have his diaper changed, or take a nap.

Familiarity. Other caregivers can experience this same closeness. Using the same baby carrier gives your baby a familiar spot to be happy and comfortable even when you are away.

7. Health

Kangaroo care for preemies. Premature babies in particular need closeness even outside the womb. Keeping a baby snug against bare skin is called "kangaroo care." (3)(5)

Less crying. Studies have shown that babies who are carried cry less and that babywearing can effectively be used in colic therapy. (4)

Better sleep. Not only is a carried baby happier, but studies show better sleep in carried babies. (1)

Good for mothers. Babywearing helps those mothers with or at risk for post partum depression, making overall baby care easier for mother and giving baby more positive interaction. Studies indicate that babywearing can result in more confident parenting. Who doesn't want to be a more confident parent?

8. Development

Physical development. Touch, skin-to-skin contact, helps all newborn babies make the transition to life outside the womb. This is especially important for preterm (premature) babies. According to Dr. William Sears, touch and movement are a "biological regulator" that helps babies balance their irregular rhythms to the patterns of the adult's regular rhythms.

Emotional development. Babies need to feel attached to you. Some may wonder if holding a baby close all of the time makes a baby more clingy. On the contrary, if they can see and touch you when they want to, they are reassured that you will be there when they need you. They will be more confident as it comes time to explore on their own. A toddler will tell you very clearly when it's time to get down (and back up).

Mental development. A baby who is distressed puts a lot of energy into letting you know. When a baby is busy crying or focusing on what they don't have, they spend less time observing and learning about their world. A secure baby is quiet and alert, actively curious about whatever you are doing. This stimulation is exactly what babies need for brain development. (6)

9. Style

Express your own style. Just because you have a baby doesn't mean you need to look like a baby. We offer baby carriers in adult colors and patterns. With so many baby carriers and baby slings available, you are sure to find a great carrier that fits your style.

  • Strong patterns and adult colors of the EllaRoo are perfect for a day out shopping in the city.
  • A solid black Hotsling will blend right in with your graduation gown as you pick up your diploma.
  • FreeHand Mei Tai Theresa is perfect for an afternoon walk along the beach with your sweetie.

Variety. Many babywearing parents have baby carriers in various colors to match an outfit or mood. There is such a variety of baby carriers available that you can easily match your own sense of style.

10. Fun!

Kiss and cuddle. Don't you love the smell of a newborn baby's head? If that newborn baby is tucked under your chin, you can smell, kiss, and cuddle any time. While babywearing, your baby is within easy kissing and cuddling distance.

Chat. When you chat to your baby, even a very small baby, he learns the sounds of your language. Once babies understand what you are saying and when toddlers are ready to chatter away at you, you can hold a great conversation up close, face to face.

Feels great. Babywearing feels great, keeps baby happy, and it's good for you and your baby.

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